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What's hot: Graeme Souness!
What's not: Steve Bennett!

Graeme Souness was sent to the stands for asking Graham Poll (referee at today's match between Souness' Blackburn and Tottenham) if he was a Tottenham fan. A blatant jibe at the decisions Poll was making but at the post-match interview Souness claimed it was just making conversation. As if the initial comment wasn't hilarious enough!!! If it goes to a hearing it should be very interesting what hot-headed Souness comes out with...

And Steve Bennett is a joke of a referee. I watched Newcastle v Wolves on Sky and the decisions he and his linesmen made were quite atrocious. Nathan Blake should've had a free kick and Bramble should have been sent off. Other decisions were appalling against both teams. And he had a shocker of a game at the Community Shield, and even though United won I'm complaining about it, he was that bad. Didn't handle the Man Utd vs Arsenal game at all well either. But then niether did anyone in any authority.

At least I saw the Souness bit on The Premiership afterwards, what a joker!
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