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    hi i do Maths HL and i was wondering if anyone could give any (realistic) suggestions/advice that would help me secure the 6 i need?

    at my school maths HL is notorious for failing people: last year 1 person got 6, 4 people got 4 and 1 even got a 2.

    so i am really really scared.

    i was thinking when i start my second year i would be doing questions for like half an hour everyday but the problem is i dont actually know the maths so are they any tips for memorising/learning the stuff?

    also if you could post any resources (websites, books, etc) i would be grateful. in return i would be willing to share some of the textbooks i use at school that i have as a file (if people pm me)

    thanks a bunch!

    Do a LOT of practice problems. Do all the past papers you can get your hands on.

    The Oxford Revision guide is helpful once you already know the material.

    IBID textbook explains everything well and has lots of practice questions. The Oxford one's meant to be good, too.

    Just read until you understand and then practise, practise, practise.

    do all old exam papers, then look at the markschemes.
    find a copy of the syllabus, find questions related to each subpoint.
    if you can't find a q relating to the subpoints, ask your teacher to give you some questions.
    using the markscheme, look at different (and quicker) ways of solving the same problem.
    try solving things from different angles.
    try applying your knowledge to different areas.
    try preparing all the graphical rules-of-thumb for P1, like, how to find coordinates, maxima, minima, etc.
    memorize the basic structure of all functions; parabolic, exponential, inverse, absolute, sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecant, quaternary, etc. (they do ask you to graph these without a calculator.
    memorize the trigonomeric numbers e.g. sin 60 = √3/2 etc.

    hope this remotely helps.
    i've got two math ebooks, but i don't know how to send, nor do i have their links.

    I made a poster with all the 'facts' on and pinned it up behind my desk, it was there for most of my second year and eventually I learnt them without even trying (I took the poster down a few weeks before the exams obviously!). Also make sure you know what is in the formula book so you can focus on the stuff you need to memorise. Then just do loads of practise questions and papers (time yourself - the timing was the worst part of the exams for me) and every time you come across something you have to look up, add it to the poster! Hope this helps a little bit.

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