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    ok so i know these types of threads have been done a million times over, but...

    i recently met a friend of a friend, and thought he was pretty hot as soon as i met him, and we talk alot and dont have much to say to anyone else when were together.
    at first i thought he was just friendly and that i would have no chance, as i have been told that a lot of girls fancy him and he gets a lot of attention from girls.
    but i went out with him and 3 other people the other night and caught he checking me out / looking me up and down etc and a mutual friend of ours told him that i fancy him. apparantly he just said that he already knew i liked him.
    i dont yet know how he feels about me but i would catch him staring at me / staring down my top (lol) / checking me out, and i barely spoke to anyone else but him that night, and when we were all walking from place to place it would be us 2 walking together with the others several metres behind..
    our mutual friend has tried asking him what he thinks of me, with little success, but i feel too shy to tell him myself how i feel or to ask him.
    so yeah...is he just being friendly or is it something more?

    Hmm he's keeping his cards quite close to his chest. Some more digging is required. He seems to find you attractive. Dunno if its anything more than that. Try to set up another meeting with him?

    Go for it.
    It doesnt sound like you see him that regularly, so if he says no it wont disrupt your social life, even if your dignity is compromised.

    Ask him if he wants to meet up just you two, at least then you can see if you get along one on one. Keep it casual and see how it goes. You never know it may go really well and there may be some romance on the horizon

    He probably just wants to sleep with you. Sorry for being frank but it's just my opinion.

    they say women are hard to read, but i think it's the other way round
    honestly you can never guess what they are trying to think
    one minute they give you the idea that they fancy you, the next they act as if they don't even wanna know you
    don't tell him how you feel or you'll make yourself feel and look very foolish
    psycho0101 is probably right

    Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. :dontknow:
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