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    Im taking a gap year in 2009/10, and thinking of going to Australia/New Zealand. I like the idea of doing a working holiday but I need some advice. I have about £2000, would that be enough to get me started? I know there are plenty of companies that help with this sort of thing, I dont know the likelihood of getting a job there.

    the other issue is whether I'd get much of a chance to see the country if I was working there, and maybe it would be better to get more money saved up and simply go travelling.

    Id be grateful if anyone could help me out,

    hmmm. Have you got a job here? When were you thinking of going and for how long?
    Not the easiest economic climate to go abroad to work, from those I met in march/april, they couldnt find much but it might have improved.
    £2000 would have done me about 2-2 1/2 months in New Zealand (which is slightly cheaper than Aus). I wasn't the most economical, and splashed out on some activities like whitewater rafting in NZ, but then thats what you do there, you could do it for cheaper, especially if you work for accomodation at hostels like Base and YHA.

    If I was you I get as much money together as possible and then just travel for as long as possible. In the end the sort of jobs you get over there are just the same students get here, whereas travelling is amazing fun and you'll rarely get the opportunity to do it again and feel so free.
    I wouldnt bother with companies, waste of money. Just head over there on the cheapest flight, ideally out of the holiday season.

    The work that you'd most likely be able to get in NZ at the moment would be pretty casual like fruit picking, hostel work, au pairing etc. Most of these sorts of jobs would have accommodation included, though obviously you wouldn't be making a lot of money. Have a look at the job adverts on Backpacker Board (where i found my job in 07/08) to get an idea of what's around at the moment. There is a lot less jobs on there now then there was a few years ago when I was looking, but still worth a look. Have you heard of WWoofing? This is organic farm work with accommodation & food included. Pretty hands on but, so lots of travellers told me, a great experience.

    I wouldn't bother with a company; they say they'll sort things out like a tax number and a bank account, but really that's so so easy to do yourself it's not worth the extra ££. Same with the Working Holiday Visa, really quick and easy to do.

    Working and living in a different country is a really unique experience, I really felt 'Kiwi' when I left NZ and have made lifelong friends there. Actually going back in about a month, and looking to emigrate in the future.

    Rough budget for a month's travelling in NZ - £1000. Including basic hostel accommodation, transport (whether bus, car etc), food and a few activities.

    Last thing- it's important to know you can only have one WHV in Australia and NZ (well, one in each country) in your lifetime...so use them wisely!!

    £2000 should be enough to start with, Aus is pretty expensive though (hostels all add up)

    If you get a job over there though I wouldn't worry too much about it!

    Go for it, have a good time

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