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    Has anyone contributed?

    Can't see anyone repealing the European Communities Act 1972. Given the number of statutory instruments made under it (and subsequent treaties enshrined in legislation) Parliament would have its work cut out trying to work out which pieces it wanted to keep and which it wanted to ditch. Even then, exporters would still have to meet EU standards leaving the UK to be a potential dumping ground for sub-standard goods that did not meet EU standards.

    All of that aside, I like the idea of collaborating in this manner to refine the amount of rushes legislation passed over the last decade. However, given the amount of detail that goes into putting together a Bill before it goes through Parliament (I've worked with two different Bill teams in the past two years - it's quite something) means that each piece of legislation would need it's own wiki-site in order to have the desired outcome - fewer laws that are far more effective in achieving what the legislation sets out.

    My my Labour really have been busy polluting the statute books over the past 12 years. This is a great idea and sounds like the lib dems 'freedom bill'. A real chance to get rid of some of nasty nu-Labour's authoritarian style law such as taking pictures of police men, the restrictions on protesting, possessing info likely to be useful to terrorists, the Water Act 2003, the Civil Contingencies Act, the 'anti-terror' laws that allow for stop and search without reasonable suspicion amongst other things, RIPA law, Olympics Act and most of all the freakin' ID cards Act 2006 which is the one of the most abhorrent pieces of legislation I have seen in my short life!

    Indeed I have.

    And I'm not going to tell you which one!

    It is, as usual for much of Douglas Carswell's stuff, ridiculous. If only because it's quite clearly partisan...


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