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    ok, so basically I've had serious moob (gynocomastia?) for several years, with girl-sized breasts protruding from my chest. I've fluctuated in weight, and managed to lose 4st from Oct 04 to Mar 05, basically by becoming borderline anorexic.

    As i stopped, i went up to 14st and since, using the GI diet, came down to 12st, which i have felt comfortable maintaining. However, i was still very worried about my moobs, and so went to my GP (having previously been in Jan 08) to see about being referred for plastic surgery.

    I was referred to Addenbrookes, where i was given a very brief insight into what would happen, basically being told 'we'll stick a tube in, suck it out, patch you up and send you on your way'. Went in on monday 27th for surgery, coming out the following morning.

    I only found out what a complex procedure this would be about 30 minutes before it was due to happen, with a large cut being made at the base of the moob, and a secondary cut being made around the base of each nipple, to remove any harder tissue. I was quite worried about this, but as i was there on my own didn't feel i could really leave, so went through with the procedure.

    Since then I've got home, and i really don't like what's happened. The moobs are now mostly gone, but there's a lot more left on the left hand side than there is on the right, and long scars under both sides. I also have sutures through both nipples, which I've been told may be numb for life, as well as a large part of that area.

    I've got a chest wrap on, which severely restricts movement, and i can hardly move my chest at all, as well as it being ******* uncomfortable. Apparently i may have to wear it for up to 6 weeks. I can no longer shower, and need assistance to get dressed ever morning.

    Also, i don't feel any effort was made at the hospital to examine whether this procedure was really necessary (which thinking back it may not have been, as i know i have serious BDD which affects my judgment), or to explain the risks and necessary aftercare.

    I feel like a part of me has been stolen, that I now look worse than i did and that my chest may look mangled for the rest of my life. If anyone else has this problem, please please don't go in for the surgery-you can get rid of moobs other ways, and If i could have the choice again, I'd do what my instinct was telling me to do as they wheeled me in-jump off the bed and run like hell.
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