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    I will be gutted. And i have no insurance

    (Original post by skiing)
    hi, im thinking of joining the police as well after uni. i would recomment that u still go to uni regardless of your grades (if you don't get into your firm, just go somewhere else) because i think its well worth it if you have a degree when joining the police!
    yeah i know you can go on the fast track course when at hendon if you've got a degree.. they're probably more likely to take you on as you've had a bit more 'life experience' that they're always after !

    i use to be a police cadet and so gave me a little bit of an in sight to it all and the various department within.. riot control is amazing ! i've been where they train for that and saw some officers doing a course there.. wow.. scary.. but brilliant ! :yes:

    i'd rather be with the dog unit though.. :p:

    is there a particular area your interested in going into/working ?

    (Original post by Davy-Jones)
    If come results day you find that you have not met your firm offer to your desired university (or even worse both firm and insurance), what will it mean for you?
    Are there going to be any serious ramifications for you?
    I've seen many that are left devestated, seriously upset that take a really long time to get over. Will you be facing any disapointments from family/friends who had high expectations? If you were applying to your 'dream' university and don't get it, will you be seeing yourself as a failure? Would it even get to the stage where you'll choose or be forced to go for a different course and perhaps another career?
    I'm just curious to know what and how other students will feel in such circumstances.

    Personally for me, if I don't meet my firm (which is the uni I've been dreaming to go to my whole academic life) then I'll just feel like my years of hard work have meant nothing. Why? Because meeting my insurance offer would not have required endless hours of working/studying.
    If I was to end up at my insurance uni after all, I could have probably achieved it just coasting all the way through A-levels not really working all that hard. I would not have had to sacrifice a social life (to an extent) and could have enjoyed myself more. It would have also meant that I would have not been under so much pressure, being nervous thinking about whether or not I'll do good enough.
    I guess one good thing would be that at least I would not have any regrets of not trying to get to my desired uni, it's better to lose out having done your best otherwise for ages you just start saying ''if only I had worked harder''.
    Your thoughts...
    I completly agree, after all that work, If I don't get into my first choice I might aswell have not bothered studying at all. Ironically, I did badly on a maths module last year, getting and E, I was devastated as I had a tutor. My dad dares to say "well think how much worse you would have done without the tutor"

    Salve fellow A-levelers!

    I would be completely devastated to miss my offer initially, however because I am only 17 I could always take a gap year (or two!). I am a little worried but as they say 'talis est vita!'
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