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Police worship watch

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    They're necessary, but I don't like them
    I think they're under-appreciated, they do a great job
    They're brutal and oppressive; enemies of freedom
    Some individual officers are okay but the policing system needs an overhaul


    (Original post by punktopia)
    You know nothing about me. Sex Pistols... rofl.

    You want to know what I believe in?

    I believe that everyone has the right to live a free life in a way that doesn't interfere with anyone else's freedom, or harm anyone else.

    I believe that society shapes people completely - that no one is born evil.

    I believe that in a far future, a fully peaceful, calm and crime-free way of living can be achieved, but that currently, in our capitalist world, it isn't possible.


    I agree with you in regards to the first two points. But why do you believe capitalism is to blame? In it's current form i agree with what you are saying, but that is not true capitalism. I personally think the free market would be the way to bring about the utopia that you envision. Milton Friedman wrote;
    "The great virtue of a free market system is that it does not care what colour people are; it does not care what their religion is; it only cares whether they can produce something you want to buy. It is the most effective system we have discovered to enable people who hate one another to deal with one another and help one another."

    Do you not think this might be the way forward?

    (Original post by Aeolus)
    Who do you think you are, Moses?! :lolwut:
    lmao, i was gonna say my family, but then changed it to ppl and forgot to take out the my .

    (Original post by Peachykeen09)
    I'm sorry but that just made me laugh SO hard. Oh myy..:rofl:
    i was gonna write my family, then changed it to ppl, and forgot to take out the my, lol

    I personally don't worship anyone on the basis of their job alone, it varies person to person; obviously there are going to be bad police officers, but IMO they're in the minority.
    As for not defending them because they enforce 'unjust laws', the problem there lies with the current government/higher powers than the regular officer that will deal with the incident.

    (Original post by punktopia)
    I've never seen them actually protect anyone. And I doubt this is the reason most of them sign up, either.

    I have seen the police:

    Abuse their power
    Fail at their job
    Turn up late/not at all to a call out
    Be corrupt (offering to cut people deals, etc.)
    Be racist
    Be offensive... but hey, they're allowed to do all this, right? They're the police!
    and i have seen them
    risk themselves to protect others
    help people whose properties have been vandalised/burgled
    work 24 hours a day a day sometimes doing 16-18 hour shifts and put in horrendous amounts of overtime because theres not enough of them.
    try thier best to keep streets safe for everyone including your ungrateful self.
    put up with the crap that people like you spew out

    but hey ...........thats just thier job that they get paid for, no need for respect

    (Original post by punktopia)
    Has anyone else noticed that, on the standard five TV channels (and throughout the media in general) there's a sort of glorification of the police, and a preoccupation with crime and "justice"?

    For example, three of the five primetime (9-10) slots were taken up by police programmes tonight. There's seven programmes based around crime and policework between 9 and 12.

    Does this actually reflect a public fascination and interest with policework and crime? Do people identify with the police as heroes?

    Obviously, it's more obvious in the rather unsubtle Hollywood films and crime/detective fiction. But why? And is it a good thing? Is the government and/or media feeding us pro-police propaganda?

    Finally: how do you feel about the police? Do you think they protect and serve, and are a vital part of society? Or do you see them as an oppressive, brutal force that does more harm than good?
    The Police do a good job, but are hampered by this government, that works more in the favour of the scum than the good.

    Why? Because they are good people, they deal with scum.
    Is it a good thing? Yes.
    Government making us support the police? The government has cost the police support.
    How do I feel about the police? I've already said.
    They protect the public and serve the law, they are a vital part of society that keeps the filth in line as well as annoying people who have the anarchist symbol as their avatar.
    The only people who see them as oppresive and brutal are those who fail to conform to society, and I have no sympathy for them.

    Glad to have helped

    (Original post by chidona)
    Eh, they deserve respect for all the crap they have to put up with on a daily basis - both on and off duty. Of course there are a few bad eggs that abuse their power, but that happens with any person in a position of authority.
    spot on :yes:

    The job attracts cocks who didn't get enough bullying done during their school years. That said, I've also met some really nice police officers.


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