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    I stopped smoking a month ago, and this week started cycling along the canal for an hour a day (in the mornings).

    I get up, have a wash and jump on my bike. I have food when I get back. I'm not overweight, but I'd like to tone my stomach. I know cycling won't do that alone, but I heard that its a really good cardio exercise. Because I work on a computer for 10 hours a day, cardio exercises are a must to keep the heart healthy.

    But I'm puzzled about how I should eat. A lot of my money is tied up in other things, and I have a strict shopping budget. Currently these are the foods I am eating:

    - Boiled Eggs
    - Toast
    - Marmite
    - Grilled Bacon (usually 1 medalion - the middle bit of back bacon with no fat)
    - Porridge
    - Sandwiches (ham, tuna, cheese)
    - Pot Noodle (no often)
    - Packet Noodles
    - Toast
    - Waffles
    - Chicken
    - Mince Meat
    - Vegtables (not eating as much as I should)

    I could go on, I purposely missed out the snack foods, that I know are not good for you. I nibble biscuits throughout the day.

    But, as long as I am exercising, and not eating *to much* of the bad foods, would it do me any hard? And can my fitness still improve?

    Sorry for the long thread.

    fitness & health are different, maybe it's good genes but i've heard althletes of the past having bad diets,

    try and find a way to buy more fruit & veg, less you'll be spending it later on doctor's bills, forgot we have nhs.

    In terms of energy nothing beats pasta. A cyclists food if there ever was one.

    (Original post by Ramble)
    In terms of energy nothing beats pasta. A cyclists food if there ever was one.
    true story. I ride usually 1 or 2 hours a day and pasta is, in my experience, the best food for sustained energy. I'll usually eat something else right before the ride for a quick kick (fruit, some crackers and cheese, ect) but in terms of endurance, nothing beats pasta.
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