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    Like FML but better


    about gives me hope:

    GivesMeHope.com was founded in May 2009 in response to the popular site, FMyLife.com (FML). On FML, people share stories explaining how their day was completely ruined. Here's one example from FML:

    'Today, it was my friend's birthday. She's been having problems with most of her friends besides me lately, so I wanted to do something special. I brought her a cake. Me and her were the only ones to have any. It gave us both food poisoning. FML'

    We love FML, but FML can be a downer. And we're completely exhausted by the negativity of the mainstream media.

    We're tired of hearing about what's wrong in this world. That's why we created GivesMeHope.com.

    GMH is where people share with the world their most hopeful, uplifting moments and allow others to draw strength from their experiences.

    It's like Chicken Soup for the Soul - the 21st Century, Twitter-style version.

    Because with all of the hurt and suffering in the world, who couldn't use a few more reasons to hope each day?

    after having a ***** week some of the stuff on it has cheered me right up.

    I lost a very special necklace given to me by my 17 yo. boyfriend. I felt sick over it as it was so sentimental. Months later, my boyfriend found it in the cushion of our sofa. Only years later did I discover that he had saved up money to have an identical replica made so he could 'find it' for me and I would no longer feel so bad. That memory GMH

    my parents fight a lot, but the other day i found them slow dancing in the kitchen. it GMH < LOL

    Today, while at work a young boy (about 5) and his father came through my register. The dad scolded him for touching everything saying that the lady would call the cops and they'd both get sent to jail. He grinned up at his dad and said 'If we're in jail we can play together everyday!' His innocence GMH.

    A boy was dying of cancer and needed an expensive brain surgery, but his family, broke and desperate, couldn't afford it. His 8 yr old took sister Tess took her piggy bank savings to a pharmacist in order to buy a 'miracle'. it just so happens that the right man witnessed the little girl's tears at the pharmacy counter: a neurosurgeon. He performed the surgery for free.


    These are no fun.
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    (Original post by LH123)
    These are no fun.


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