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    What do universities prefer and why? What are the advantags and disadvantages of doing one or the other? Ultimately, which one is the best? Thanks.

    Use the search function. It's been done to death.

    They prefer the IB

    IB is more widely recognised in the world, in comparison to A-levels.

    (Original post by M_I)
    What do universities prefer and why? What are the advantags and disadvantages of doing one or the other? Ultimately, which one is the best? Thanks.

    Well apparently if you are definitely Arts or science motivated then do A levels. If you are unsure then do IB. To end the idea that universities prefer the IB, it is untrue. How can they? That would be disadvantaging students who don't have the opportunity to do the IB. It does make you stand out more in terms of your application but not nearly enough for what the extra amount of work deserves nor with the new A* at A-level making candidates more distributed in terms of quality.

    So in answer to the question, IB does make you stand out slightly but unless you are unsure on arts or science, do A-levels.

    Just so you know that this isn't just one boy's opinion, my dad is the treasurer and chairman of the governing council of Nottingham (sorry there is no other of typing that, that doesn't sound like i am 'bragging') and i had the same concern as you so i asked him. He asked the head of admission who said that all Russel group universities were under the influence of viewing IB higher level as the equivalent to A2 and standard level to AS and that none of the other head of admission could possibly see why the IB was sooo much harder that they could prefer it over A-level.

    your mum.

    IB is better when you apply.
    It gives a all rounded education.
    It is more widly recognised
    Max marks in it is equivalent to 6 A levels and 1 AS with A in all the subjects in terms of ucas points.
    Basically is hows the unies where you stand compared to applicants better than A levels.

    Now here is the catch. You take 6 subjects, one in each area,(1 math, 1 literature, 1 2nd language, 1 humanity, 1 science, and 1 at your choice including art). There are ways around this subject division, but dont count on it. As you can see there surly is something you will not like as your subject for examination. You internal assesments, for every subject, usually in the form of a big and time consuming project project. Actually you will have so may projects and lab work etc. that you will spend the 2nd year meeting deadlines instead of studing. The exams may or may not be harder but seeing that you will probaly hate about 2 of your subjects it will make things much more difficult. You have an extended essay to wirte also, which is baslically a really long project, much reaserch to do.

    My advice stay away from IB its really hard for most peaople, its meant for the guys who did noting but got a's on their projects in school and like to study on thir spare time, if you dont usally get an a on your assigments than a levels are for you. Im not saing you will not succsessfully compleat you diploma but its really alot of work, much more than getting 3 a's in alevels.

    Same answer for the same thread in the IB Forums...except for the first two paragraphs which are not in this reply.

    Those doing IB will do probably twice the work compared to those doing A-levels. Not only that, the IB students have to do certain types of subjects that they hate. E.g. They do not like Literature but they have to study it.

    In A-levels, normally you just need to do 3 full A-levels in any subjects you like (except for some restrictions such as the requirement of Maths if you want to do Further Maths). E.g. The mathematically inclined student can enjoy studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and/or even Additional Further Maths without having to do humanities subjects such as History and Literature.

    In both A-levels and IB, you can choose to study additional subjects. This is however far less common in IB than in A-levels.

    You'll most likely want to do A-levels and not the IB because there are no restrictions in your subject combination (except for Further Maths and Additional Further Mathematics which I know of).

    Also, as far as I know, A-level offers are easier to achieve compared to IB offers. Getting 40 points in IB is significantly harder than getting AAA in A-levels.
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