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    Im a UK student and hoping to go to UCD this September and have applied for some courses however I am hoping to be accepted in Science-Omnibus DN008 (300 points). From my A-Levels I have predicted il gain 360 points. However the average points from 2008 were 400 points. Therefore I am wondering is it likely I will be accepted on this course? I will leave the link of the information below, any people from Ireland who know the system better than me with any information would be very helpful.
    Thank you

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    Anyone have any ideas?


    I'd really ignore the average points crap if I were you. If say (a bit far fetched but anyway) a course is around the 300 mark with 30 places and 29 people with 500 points get it, but the the last place is filled by someone who has 300 points, the average points are going to be way off what's actually needed. You should research cut off points more, I think qualifax.ie lists the points for the last 3 years or so (although science in UCD is hardly new an omnibus might be..? as trinity did something similar with their science course). The CAO website will also have it, if the points shown are the first published points (ie. Round 1, the first round of offers) bear in mind points frequently drop in the second and subsequent rounds.

    About 7/8 years ago it was more difficult than it is now to get a place in an Irish uni because of the demand so the 'points race' was in action with plenty of people getting screwed over because they got a B2 in Honours Irish instead of the B1 they were half a percent off, that sort of thing. The numbers doing the Leaving Cert have dropped and there's way more places now but there's more CAO applicants than ever so everyone gets scared but there's no need, every year when Round One comes out the news is 'several prominent courses have dropped in points, although a substantial amount rose in TCD..'.

    Anyway, you can't really speculate on what everyone else will get whose applying for your course, concentrate on what you'll get! You should be well in the clear with what you have, science never jumps that much and it's so low because it isn't as popular as the places for it allow.

    Do you have the CAO handbook? It should be available even as a pdf on their website. It's a bit of a cold everyone's-a-number system but once you read the handbook it'll all be clear. As there's feck all colleges and unis compared to the UK the system works very well here.

    Any particular questions on how the CAO/rounds/Leaving Cert points work- eg. how do the CAO determine the points? I don't know anything about the differences when applying from outside Ireland but I know the system itself..

    Honestly? You shouldn't have much of a problem getting into UCD science with 360 points. Minimum points have been as low as 280 in recent years, and the CAO system is a pure numbers game - the points total given is the points score of the lowest accepted applicant.

    Btw, feel free to ask if you have any UCD-specific questions, I spent 6 years there...


    I would say you should be fine to get in with those points. But I would say that if you do want to go to UCD, then prepare yourself, because I think it is a very different experience to that of an British uni.

    I'm from uk, and was probably a little unprepared. there isn't the same social scene you would expect to find at a uk uni. a lot of people live at home, and i found that even those living away from home on campus would go home nearly every weekend.

    I'm lucky, my course is small and we all get on really well. but I have some friends doing arts and science who have found it somewhat anonomous. So a lot of them got involved with societies etc to make up for it.

    I know it sounds like i have been on a downer about UCD, and it is sometimes a frustrating place, esp in semester 1 of first yr when campus becomes a ghost town at the weekend (weekend in the student bar would often be me and 2 other english girls, Thats it!!!)

    But I don't regret my decision either! I love ucd, most of the time! I've experienced things there that wouldn't happen at unis in the uk.

    If you want any more info on being english at ucd, pm me

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