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Do Any Men Find This (Blood Consumption) Attractive? watch

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    I tend to look up strange things on the internet out of interest and was wondering if any men find the consumption of blood "sexually exciting"? The condition is known as clinicial vampirism or reinfield's syndrome and usually affects men. The paragraph below from wikipedia explain the condition in more detail.

    "People who suffer from this condition are primarily male. The craving for blood arises from the idea that it conveys life-enhancing powers. According to Noll, the condition starts with a key event in childhood that causes the experience of blood injury or the ingestion of blood to be exciting. After puberty, the excitement is experienced as sexual arousal. Throughout adolescence and adulthood, blood, its presence, and its consumption can also stimulate a sense of power and control. Noll explains that Renfield's syndrome begins with autovampirism and then progresses to the consumption of the blood of other creatures."


    There is also a link to youtube where a short video interviews someone who consumes human blood.


    Now I know that obviously most men arn't going to find this appealing however reading on this as it is men that suffer from this there is something that the idea of drinking blood appeal to men more than women. Because the condition is described as having a sexual feeling it is likely that these males would want to drink the blood of women.

    People don't usually know about these unusual things so I was wondering what the student community would think of this. Do men find the idea of devouring something naturally naturally appealing?

    Edit: Oh I realised that I posted this in chat, I meant for it to go in the general discussion forum since its a little serious. :o: Could a mod who reads this please move it.

    nope, do you?
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    (Original post by wintersunset)
    nope, do you?
    I would be lieing If I said I didn't find the idea a little bit kinky. I wouldn't by any means want to drain a girl of her blood and drink it in a cup but the idea of maybe sucking a small bit from say a small cut on the finger is a little kinky.


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