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    ok, i have gone from disbelieving to angry to depressed to accepting it, but i wanted to know if anybody else's mother shares the viewpoint i find so difficult to accept in my own mum

    quite seriously and not being hormonal or childish or immature, my mother only and i mean only cares that i am physically healthy. by this i mean fruit, veg and not ill. She honestly is in denial/doesn't realise/ doesn't care about my emotions at all. personally i believe them to be more important than physical health as a i would rather be happy than healthy and believe healthiness is easy to achieve once happy.

    my mum really doesn't see it as anything to do with her whether or not i am happy or unhappy and this in itself is quite upsetting. am i being a twit and ungrateful? has anyone else experienced this?

    (stop reading now if you want that is basically the theme^^ the rest is a bit samey rantness having read back over it but bit more detail if wanted)

    i have tried repeatedly to talk to her about it but she always ends up yelling at me (i am very very good at not losing my temper and raising my voice which i thought ought to make her be able to respond like an adult but actually makes her go mental and act like i'm her mortal enemy and if i refuse following the screaming to go away she tells me she wishes i had never been born and that i should go live with my dad (she only married him because pregnant with me and it was not a union made in heaven)

    i think she also gets intimidated by my intelligence and i know that sounds unbelievably arrogant but she gets so annoyed if i allow myself to talk how i think (eg any long words complex sentences, complex ideas).

    anyway feel like a stranger in my own home and am told i am an arrogant know it all trouble causer if i mention anything my mum deems "too clever" (she failed her o levels 3 times and failed college 4 times (different courses each time) and she was basically given everything she wants by her parents (they are still the only reason we have a house, car any holidays ever)

    sorry to moan & thanks for reading
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