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Every time I stand up, I get dizzy. watch


    (Original post by supfellas)
    Also tall people seem more prone lawl
    Hmm... I am 6 foot 2. This makes sense

    (Original post by Ben77mc)
    Right, I've read up on it, and it says it's common for people to get it occasionally, but 90% of the time when I stand up, I get really dizzy and I can't see properly. This usually happens about 5 mins after standing up.
    The interwebz says to see a doctor if it happens regularly, so I will, but I just want your opinions on it.

    I had a really bad one this morning, after I'd got out of bed. I walked to the bathroom and suddenly, I couldn't see a thing - literally. My vision was just black and I had to cling onto the door frame to keep on my feet. ;/


    EDIT: It's been happening for quite a few months now, about 4-6.
    I'm exactly the same, even with the total loss of vision - I ended up being referred to a neurologist and said i've got pre-syncope (Where you start to feel faint, but don't actually lose conciousness). If you start to feel dizzy, either lay flat or sit down with your head between your knees. Or, you can look really cool - cross your legs and squeeze your arm muscles to try and get squeeze out the blood in your muscles so it can get to the neccessary places. Oh, and add more salt to your diet.

    Go to the docs, and see what they say

    (Original post by NoPurposeTortoise)
    Hmm... I am 6 foot 2. This makes sense
    Haha, yeah I'm 6'3. :p:
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    Yeah, I went and it's just postural hypotension

    Blood pressure drops when standing instead of rising.

    Oh well. Should go eventually
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