Route A or route B - any real difference?

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Right this route A or B malarky. Only applies to art type courses right?

What exactly IS the difference? IS there any point in applying via route B and thus leaving it later?
Ive been wondering about this and really dont know if its that important or not to worry about??

Can anyone please offer some kind of explanation?
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Yeah, theres a massive difference. The main one is that using UCAS route B, you can apply later (mainly used for Art / Design subjects that require more time for a portfolio to be produced). However, obviously, there are fewer places, more demand etc. Also, you can only make a maximum of three applications using UCAS through Route B - although you can still make three route A choices on top of this. You should check out the UCAS site (use the site index), and Surrey Institute of Art & Design, they both have loadsa info on it.

You need anymore info, post again.

UCAS United Kingdom
Surry Institute of Art & Design

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(Original post by creativesurgeon)
Yeah, theres a massive difference....


Many Thanks indeed! Thats helped clear things up a bit :]

I think route B would be a good choice for some of the courses to get a portfolio sorted and then i can still put in some route A as well.

Main prob for me is the portfolio
Doesnt help that im not doing an art course :-/

Out of interest did you do some type of art course? and if so did you go for route a or b or both?
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