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Muslim teens - hard to socialise when others are drinking? watch

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    After finishing the A2 exams, and everybody turning 18, these holidays have just been all about going out to clubs/parties and obviously there's a lot of drinking. Everybody's just spending as much time together as possible before we all go our seperate ways in the coming months for uni.

    Now unfortunately, some of my mates from our group are muslims and therefore can't drink. For this reason, they always pass on any get togethers and so we havn't once been able to socialise. Even though I've said that drinking isn't imperative, theres loads of other choices, fizzy drinks, juices etc. but they say it just feels odd for everybody to be wasted and they're there sober and well behaved.
    I can sort of understand their point of view, I'd probably feel weird to being the only sober one in a group of wasted teens, and would also find it much harder to get up to our 'wild antics'.

    Anyway, because the group wants everybody to join in and have fun, I tried to organize some plans that take part in the day in the outdoors (stuff like watching movies, going to sports centres, theme parks etc.) so that nobody has to drink and my muslim mates won't feel awkward. When I asked them to come, they still declined, saying they feel like the rest of us are making 'pitty plans', just so they can join in and that the group won't really find these day plans as much fun as clubbing/partying.

    I'd like to know whether muslim teens really feel this way? Do they personally find it that hard to socialise when others are drinking and they aren't? Also, are my mates right to be behaving the way they are or are they being just plain old moody?
    Have any of you guys been in a similar position, similar problems with your muslim mates and alcohol?

    no i don't find it hard.
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