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    Hi, first time poster on H&R.

    I don't like the way I deal with problems. I'll cut to the chase. I don't regard myself as the same person as I was a year ago, 2 years ago, etc.

    I invented this guy, I don't know when or how, but I did. Anything bad I do, I blame on him, in return, he gets to like. Comment on my life. I'll be in the middle of activity and I just start on a sudden train of thought and I know its because of him. He just wants in on existence. He comments on alot of things.

    Before I have sex, he says I won't be able to perform, he comments on how close I am to my girlfriend, and how affectionate I try to be. Pretty much drags me down. Its like;
    I'll be doing my life, all normal and good. And then at some point my thoughts change, and I'm reviewing what I did, whether he likes it or not.

    I'm only saying this because it happened yesterday, and I gave him a name, and called it my step brother. I've thought about it a lot. Its pretty much me telling myself that I've strayed from what I used to believe in. Like a child version of myself telling the adult version he's disappointed in him that he's turned out this way.

    Just to add though, its not really a bad thing all of the time. I feel this way of thinking helps me look at all sides of an arguement. I can usually see where everyone is coming from, but again a downside, I can never 100% decide any course of action is right.

    I'm not sure what conclusions you're going to get to, but its just nice to tell it to people, even while I'm anonymous.

    Im not sure what you post was trying to say, but am i right in thinking that this guy is a figment of your imagination? If this is the case and it is ruling yout life in some aspects it is worth a visit to the GP just to check up and see what a professional thinks, as there is little we can do and as there is no real question to the thread, there isnt an answer othet then this i can give.

    If this is totally the wrong interpretation ignore this. :p:

    So you invented this guy who you blame all your problems on? Maybe you should visit your GP?
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    Don't worry i get like that too, maybe not quite the same but I tend to overanalyze everything I do and every choice i make which leads me to be quite introverted.
    but yeah, if your developing this whole other character to your personality (giving him a name and stuff) maybe you should go see someone about it, like, if its taking over your life and stuff...
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