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Does Being A Gentleman Make You Sexist? watch


    Yeah with me its catch 22, I open doors for people regardless of their gender or am polite to either gender, earlier tonight I was in a bar and the barman gave me £5 too much change and I told him and he was happy, not much to do with sexism but shows how polite and kind a person I am.

    I do try and be a bit harsher these days as Im such a softie that people elbow me in queues for bar or push in front for train or bus queues but I have gotten to the point where I try and stand firm etc.

    In the past it has annoyed me how random girls have come up to me and asked me to buy them and/or their entire group of friends drinks just because im a male and I have told them I cannot afford it and am told "your loss"

    When I was a teenager I went through a very short stage of if I opened a door and someone was on other side to walk through then hold the door but my dad told me thats impolite.

    Anyway im tipsy/drunk so cant be arsed writing much more till I recover.

    Well it depends on the person holding the door. They could be sexist but just not sexist on that occasion.
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    (Original post by EarlHickey)
    Anyway im tipsy/drunk so cant be arsed writing much more till I recover.
    I agree with what you say. I think when girls do that it's just taking advantage of some guys better nature.

    Get ye self off to bed and sleep it off =]


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