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New to Exercise - Looking for Home Workout Routine watch

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    I'd probably come across as your standard 'couch potato', Not going out often, eating a lot, sitting round watching tv all day and playing video games. I'd say the most exercise i do a day is walking to the bus stop, then from the bus station to college, and then back again. The rest of the day, and weekends would consist of a walk upstairs or downstairs, or round the house in search of food.

    I wouldn't class myself as being overweight, i'm pretty skinny more underweight kind of guy, though it seems funny how i manage to stay like this eating rubbish and taking very little exercise. To be Honest, i wouldn't know where to start when it comes to exercise (I actually had to look up how to spell it :o: ).

    It's come to my attention, more recently, that my body doesn't seem to be liking me anymore. Getting the occasional chest pains, and generally not feeling good about myself. As well as all these new fitness adverts on tv telling me i'm going to die if i don't go out and do something. To make it worse, I get out of breath walking up my hill, or even jumping around for a few minutes.

    I've Decided i want to do something about this, I want to take action! With the holidays being well underway, i've spent a considerable amount of time sitting round doing nothing not leaving the house, infront of the tv 12 13 hours a day. With nothing to do, and plenty of time to spare, i'm looking to put of lot of work and effort into acheiving something in the next few weeks, and hopefully get into ruitine for years to come.

    Here's the picture; I'm wanting to get fit, Increase my cardiovascual fitness and also attempting try tone my body slightly, to make me feel more healthy, and look more healthy, as well as feeling good about myself, and apparantly 'living for longer'.

    Being 'not so rich', you might put it, I'm hoping to acheive something, without going out and joining some expensive gym, with sophisticated machinary i couldn't even think how to use, and instead doing all of this in my own house. I have looked around for a 'home workout schedule' but after giving up trying to find one which fits what i'm after, Well to be honest, i don't know what i'm looking for. i Decided to come here to try find some advice to look and feel healthier, and try to derive some sort of home workout schedule i can do, for say about 1 hour or less every day. To Slowly start to build up some muscle strength, and gain some general fitness.

    My Home Gym, currently consists of.. 2 adjustable weights (dumbbells i think) Up to 15kg each. And a fairly cheap Exercise Bike. I'm willing to spend a small amount to get anything else i might require. I am also thinking about creating a log to show how i am progressing, looking and feeling.

    You might be thinking 'whats this guy on about, whats he been taking?, he's taking complete nonsence'. The fact is, I've never really done much excerse, i wouldn't even know where to begin in this area nor what will, or what won't do my body any good! All i know is i want to change, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and with as much help and encouragement as i can find!

    So here i am, open for suggestions to a some sort of daily work out routine, that they preferably know works, using or including some of the equipment i have got, for both toning and general fitness purposes. Or point me to some good advice to help me create some kind of schedule , or any kind of work out ruitine / exercise you can think of which i might be able to peice together to make a healthier lifestyle, and a better looking body.


    Ive use to gym alot, built myself up pretty well over the years, but since last years holiday ive gone from having a pretty athletic body, to one that looks soft and squishy.
    over the past few months ive lost 22pounds, but i went all out, eating chicken and rice with chicken soup for flavour for most of my meals and running around the local reservoir (about 3miles) 3-4times a week.
    All you need to do is stop eating crap, clean up your diet abit, and go for a jog a few times a week, weigh yourself once a week or even take a picture once a month to compare. youll soon see results if you persist with it

    I can't read all that ****. Can you summarise?

    Sorry for the bluntness before, I had too much blood in my caffeine stream. I've since reversed that situation.

    Anyway, I think you should post of picture of what you look like now, and one of what you think would be perfect for you. A celebrity or whatnot.

    And, if you can find a way to join a gym, you'll be so much better off it's absurd to think otherwise. Do you know how much a gym membership is in your area? Council run gyms have concessions too.

    Rome wasn't built at home, it was built in a gym :P!

    Get your bum to the gym, it'll be the first step as you're actually WALKING somewhere. Next, be a noob and try out all machines even if you do them wrong. Notice how others are working out and ask them for advice. Then, start to consider "Wow, I want a big change! I am serious" and start to read every single article out there about working out and health. Following that, compile a list of your own work out routine that YOU think would help you achieve success based on other people's work outs. Finally, GO WORK OUT AND EAT RIGHT.

    By going by these steps you will achieve success and no longer have chest pains but bulging pecs of glory


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