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One of Labour's top two posts should always be held by a woman watch


    (Original post by Flying Cookie)
    Politics are 90% run by white males.

    There's nothing stopping women from attempting to become an MP, even if there is a so called 'embedded culture'. Why does it matter if all our MP's are men? Or have job's that have an higher income than women matter?

    As long as there's nothing physically, or through the law stopping them I dont care, just because you feel they've been indoctrined into thinking 'oooh i'm not good enough for that' is simply not good enough itself.

    (Original post by Olivia_Lightbulb)
    Stalin, Amin, Pinochet ... there are many examples who undermine your flawed argument.
    People forget that Thatcher was an ally to Pinochet.

    (Original post by Smtn)
    no no no no no . The best person for the job should always get the job. I can't stand people who fail to see the never-ending spiral of issues to come if positive discrimination is accepted nationwide
    Even if there was equal representation are there always guarantees that the best candidate will get the job? People vote on party lines based on the performances of the national government than the virtues of the local MPs. I guess that's why Boris Johnson is Mayor of London. Had there been much less dissatisfaction with the governing party, Ken Livingstone would have won IMO.

    But take the argument to party leaders. Some parties have a habit of choosing bad leaders, or, at least, not as good leaders as they could have done because of their political views. Conservative MPs wanted Ken Clarke to succeed John Major but the executive party ended up voting for William Hague. From then on we've had Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard. I personally rate Michael Portillo and Malcolm Rifkind more. Now the Lib Dems seem to have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot with weak leaders.

    Harriet Harman is a total C***. I don't know how she can get away with spewing the tripe she does on a regular basis. In the same speech in which she said two top posts should always have a woman in them she also said that if Lehman brothers was called Lehman sisters it wouldn't have crashed... As far as i'm concerned she is the best example of positive discrimination we have, and it doesn't look good. If we legislate for equality problems then we will create a society in which women, minorities, and gays will always feel like they are the underdog. Society is going in the right direction, and it is better for all of us if it is left to make its own path.

    This whole militant equality thing is seriously stupid. In my book, the best person should always get the job, in any walk of life. Its a matter of choice; why should everything have an obsession with being "representative"??? People do have free reign over their lives; if 16% of MPs are female, than that is fair enough; i would rather have 16% of half decent female MP's rather than people who arent up to the job- women are clearly doing other things with their lives, other career paths- same with black people in London- someone mentioned that 10% of London police should be black as the population of London is 10% black.
    Yet, these are people we are talking about, not statistics. They can choose what career they go into. Its all very well harping on about "cultures of discrimination" and all that Guardian ********, but in reality, someone who is committed to working in a field and is passionate, they should not give a ****. Only the weak-minded turn and run at the thought of having to work hard- i have grown up and learnt that respect has to be earned. Handing it out on a plate is patronising and bad for everyone.

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