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How do i know if she wanted sex? watch

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    This is the second time this has happened in my life......

    A Girl, I happened to end up in bed who i hardly knew.....
    The thing is on both occasions either I'm being paranoid but where they signs she wanted more?

    I'll focus on last night...

    I like the idea of platonic friends because i see women for a lot more than 'trophies' or sex objects... so i have no problem being friends with any women regardless.

    The thing is, yesterday i had a random night where i ended up clubbing with people i had only knew for one day, now when we got back to hers she. placed 1 of the person she met (female) into another room and me and her jammed in her bedroom, now we we're talking before we fell asleep, now me being me... I have no problem sleeping with girls - no contact, but i was trying to sleep and she kinda seemed to want the convo to continue at sometimes, eventually i drifted asleep but what i noticed was.... she keep making mumming sounds... "Indicating" a hug, so we hugged both sides... and kinda got intimate with her..... Now my man alarm is tingling.... What does she want me to make a move? or is she just hugging for the fun of this.... Also we where both drunk-ish... not very drunk, maybe tipsy even..... I of course having the SHY/NICE guy personality did not make a move whatsoever, So what do you think? was she interested or was it just my imagination ?

    I'm interested to see your thoughts, because the same thing happened with another girl.... (although i knew her a bit more than that)
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