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    Did anyone else see this documentary on BBC3 last Tuesday? I've been checking this forum over the past few days, and I'm surprised no one has mentioned it. In comparison to the colossal amount of cack and constant reruns that BBC3 normally shows, this programme really sticks out to me as something worthwhile. They perfectly managed to capture the milestones at this point in his life, and it made for a beautiful 'coming of age' story. He seems like a really sweet guy too. I'm undecided as to whether I'd like to see an 'update', since it's so comfortable to just see the problems being resolved -> The End, so it might ruin the magic to see him going about his average everyday life. On the other hand, he was quite charming, and I wonder if he ever reunited with his Mum.

    Any thoughts? I really recommend you see it if you haven't already - you've only got a couple of days, so hurry.

    I liked it. I wouldn't say it was the best programme ever, or a remedy to 'the colossal amount of cack', but it was nice enough.

    At times he seemed to lack a bit of common sense, but I guess he has lacked guidance over a lot of his life. I have no idea how he could live in that pigsty though, 2 months without washing any clothes is pretty rank. Was great how he found his family in the end, but all in all it left me feeling a bit sorry for the guy. He hasn't had many opportunities in his life.

    Yeah i saw that a couple of days ago i really enjoyed it especially when his brother added his bebo i was like yay for him:woo:
    but i missed the first part like 20 minutes so i dont know what happen. :dontknow:
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    I liked the show, considering his past he seemed very focused/determined to build a good life.
    It was so nice that he found his brother as well .

    I saw it on iplayer. I thought it was really interesting. I felt bad that Tony was living in a hostel for the homeless while taking his GCSEs - must have been hard going. There should be much more support for teens who are estranged from their families.

    The guy he was sharing with seemed like a bit of a user but being in that situation you'd probably just be glad to have some company. It was good to see Tony get a job; he was so incredibly happy and I found his happiness infectious.

    I was happy that he found his brother and then the other members of his family. It sounded like his mum had given a very biased perspective on his dad and brother but I guess there's two sides to every story.
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