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Relationship with parents breaking down - advice needed. watch

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    Ok, so bit of a rant here im afraid.
    Finished A levels so been on a long summer, the past 2 weeks especially I have been feeling very lonely, due to friends having boyfriends and whilst Im working they have been doing things together.
    I think this could have put me in a very depressive down mood so Ive been taking it out on my parents as they are the nearest ones around me.
    Recently it has got really bad with them picking on every little thing I do and not giving me the chance to explain why I might be acting this way, anyway its my birthday on Sunday and for ages I've planned a get together for all my friends and last night they said my behaviour is disguisting and I dont deserve to do anything for my birthday so they've made me cancel it.
    Im not saying I've acted perfectly recently but they just constantly shout at me and dont seem to be able to listen to what I need to say, the point of this really is that I want to talk to them without the shouting and screeching to try and get them to understand slightly what the problem is, I just dont know how to get through to them
    Sorry if this doesnt make much sense but I really need to get it off my chest to someone

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Ok, so bit of a rant here im afraid.
    Finished A levels ........ so they've made me cancel it.
    These two do not add up together.

    You've finished A-levels so must be 17 or very nearly 18? How on earth can your parents make you cancel anything?

    Just go out and have the get together anyway. What are they gonna do? Ground you? I honestly cannot begin to believe some of the people on here who are 18ish and still fold to their parent's unreasonable requests.

    If they're constantly shouting at you, it's time to move out.

    I constantly fall out with my parents. I'm in the same situation as you

    But my sister went to Uni last year, and now, seen as she sees less of parents, she gets on with them better. I'm pretty sure it'll be the same for me after I go.

    If you're going to uni in September, things will get better..

    Try writing them a letter to get your message across?

    As for your birthday, reorganise something? If you are 17/18 then they can't really stop you. And if you are working, I'm assuming that you have your own money to fund a cinema trip or whatever. Your friends can pay for themselves :yep:

    Maybe (if you're 18 now) your parents are struggling themselves with the idea of you now leagally being an adult and simply don't know how to treat you? When I turned 18 there was a shift in the way things were at home, rules and curfews went out the window but I was expected to do more for myself and contribute to the house.

    It sounds to me as if you tried to talk to them about it you'd end up having an argument and they would win. Actions speak louder than words; but I'm not entirely sure what actions would actually work for you. When I was in your position I simply didn't let them tell me 'no', instead of asking if I could do things, I told them that I was doing things.

    Also you're all adults living in a house together now and you need to remember to reat others as you would want to be treated yourself. By not taking things out on your parents you might find that they react well to it.

    Good Luck
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