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I slept with an older man... watch


    (Original post by farhan)
    Nice use of anon :yes:

    (Sense my sarcasm )

    (Original post by *TheSweetestDrug*)
    that's ridiculous...you can't say you were raped when you really just slept with someone when you were drunk..you'l ruin an innocent man's life..and it's not all his fault..he must've just thought it was his lucky night..bloody hell..
    lol really i think you should all take a chill pill =D you take think soo seriously! oi oi and besides apparently the man wasn't that innocent really

    (Original post by Pan's-Labyrinth)
    Well last time I checked my thoughts are my opinions, and everyone is entitled to one so you can't go throwing your dummy out the pram just because I've given it and you don't like/can't handle what I'm saying.

    I didn't start a drama tbh I simply said the Op wasn't crying rape etc to which you replied with a long essay slating my interpretation of it and saying I need to learn to read, so actually darling I did not start any of this quite rightly so 'pathetic' bantor.

    Ok I'm done now and I am bored of this
    To be fair you called me boring, old man, and told me to jog on. Lovely.

    Yes you are entitled to your opinion, but if your going to give it, give it nicely? Like... The OP wasn't crying rape, then I could have just explained what I meant.

    Yes you can share your thoughts and opinions, but I never asked for them, and they weren't really of any relevance cause you got the wrong end of the stick.

    Anyway, done too, enjoy your evening!


    Edit: Ok so you weren't raped. Meh, rest still stands. Look at the cats in my sig, they'll cheer you up.[/QUOTE]

    haha cats solve everything. well played.
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