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Car boot sale :S watch

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    Hey, so basically this summer my sister and I wanna clear out some of our stuff and since we have no experience in a car boot sale, i wonder if anyone can offer some advice on what we should expect?

    We're mainly gonna sell console games, books, soft toys and bits n bobs. How should we price our items? Any advice on how to deal with hagglers? Please, we need some hellp!!


    You shouldn't price them too high. If you're selling current generation games then tag them as £10, £15 if you're feeling lucky.

    Alternatively you could not tag them and haggle, in which case start high enough so you can be haggled down, but don't expect to finish high. I guess you can google for tips.

    hiya! i did a car boot sale today...my first one without my rents! lol!..dragged my bf along to help...

    basically what you might need to do is:

    - a pasting table/table of some kind to display items on

    - ground sheets/plastic sheets to lay items on when on the floor, you might even want a box or two for people to rummage through.....but i find its best to have things on display because people might not bother to go through boxes!

    - you could price up items beforehand (not everyone likes to, but i prefer to do this)

    - i took along some old clothes/shoes/accessories from when i was younger & things i dont use anymore, i grouped together things i wanted to sell for 25p...then a group for 50p...then 75p...£1...etc etc up to about £5........people at car boot sales can be reaaaallly tight with how much they spend! so be aware things might not go for as much as you think they should!

    - i also took random nic nac bits like candles, photoframes, jewellery did quite well today.....books do well..as well as cds and dvds.....it just depends who is there on the day really!

    - if people ask how much something is and you say £1.50 for example and they put it down and look like they will walk away....offer it to them at a lower price e.g. £1....then they may buy it...worked for me today!

    - be careful when your setting up you stall some people come round looking for bargains (that they will probably sell on for more)...but they sometimes go straight to the back of your car and rummage through before you're ready!...so take things out bit by bit and lock your car between each box/bag of stuff you take out etc...

    - careful about putting expensive items at the front in places where people could easily pick them up and nick them!..keep them nearest to you..

    - i think thats pretty much it really!! sorry for the essay, but knowing this stuff really helped me today!..just enjoy it, take food and drink along with you (to save your money coz food vans can be expensive), suncream if its hot, a float of different change (i took about £20-£30 worth of 5p's, 10p's, 20p's, 50p's, £1's, £2's and a couple of fivers)..have fun!..xxx
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