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Getting Used To A Walking Stick watch

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    So around a week back when I woke up in the morning, I didn't realize that my foot had fallen asleep; so I ended up stumbling and pressed the whole weight of my body onto my right foot.

    It hurt like hell for a while but the pain soon faded to a negligible intensity so I shrugged it off as slight sprain.

    However today, a week later, my mom suggested that I get an X Ray done because the pain wasn't going away and I had a nasty blue bruise on my skin along with some swelling as well.

    So turns out it was a hairline fracture, and I now have my right foot in a cast (which extends till a little below my knee).

    But the thing is, I just can't get used to walking with a walking stick. I get out of breath after every two steps. My joints hurt so much. And being a bit on the heavy side (I weigh roughly 200 pounds, 5ft7inches tall) makes it a lot more worse. And now my left foot has started to hurt as well.

    So I want to ask. Does anyone of you have any tips or suggestions? I'll be really grateful.

    I am 16 and a guy.

    Ask for crutches?
    I had to use one for a week before they gave me crutches but I got into the whole Dr House thing so it was alright.

    (Original post by explosions hurt)
    Ask for crutches?
    I had to use one for a week before they gave me crutches but I got into the whole Dr House thing so it was alright.
    Damn, I wanted to be the first to mention the absolute LEGEND that is Gregory House.

    But yeah, OP, ask for crutches, that way the pressure will be evenly distributed across all of your joints.

    didnt they give you crutches?!
    It will definitely get easier as you get more used it. Theres no easy way and you need to rest too, at least for a few days
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