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Why is running not helping me lose some weight? watch


    Why is there so much discussion about this?

    The answer: you're not getting a calorific deficit. Eat less or exercise more.


    (Original post by Paul McGann)
    I'm slightly chubby, only just in the stomach area, but I want to be flatter. I'm doing cross country running three times a week, started about 2 and a half weeks ago and still no results. Each run lasts 20 minutes. I still see no results though. When will I start seeing results? My metabolism should be increasing, however when I look at the scales, I weigh the same.
    Need advice here.

    Edit: Just to add my diet is average, I eat good food in general and eat within moderation and snack on fruit when hungary. My reasonable to sum up. Is this good enough? Also if I can't see results in two and a half weeks and my weight doesn't change, when will I start seeing results?
    That is an absolutely perfect start to running, nice!! :yes:

    I'm impressed. Outdoors and everything! Have you just started running yourself? If you like cross country I think you should start running cross country with university (or with a local club). It is a winter sport so normally it will start october/november so it perfect for you to start. It wont be longer than a 10k so you should be fit enough by then. It is quite good as a sport since it is one of the few it is inclusive to everyone (unlike most sports where you have to do team trials and they chuck out anyone not good enough). I recommend you enter a cross country race. Having the goals of having races coming up is great for motivation and being part of a club is great for the social.

    I think what happens is that you get more hungry when you exercise so you have to eat more. This is normal and good, your metabolism is increasing and your brain tells you body to eat more after the exercise. I would keep up the good work, it is hard to start running, and you sound to me that you are doing all the right things. If you want to see how much better running is making you all you have to do is look at how your times are falling and the distances you can run. These things you will need to measure - you can't see. Please dont do weight loss. I can almost guarantee that even if you lose weight it wont be 'around the stomach area' as you want and if you keep up running long term you will have no problems with weight loss. In fact the opposite is true, if you want to look good as a runner you will need to eat an incredible lot.

    If you want some tips: work up to 30 mins a day three times a week, when you have done that try running more frequently, then when you are running very frequently (e.g. 5-6 times a week) start thinking about speedwork or increasing the distance of a long run once a week. Take it easy to start with. I was a bit overambitious and I had a lot of injury but I've learnt my lesson and if you buy proper running shoes, run on the grass and give yourself recovery time you'll be fine. That is how I did it. Good luck.

    I believe the body will only start using body fat through cardio after 20 mins of exercise- before that you're using the glycogen stores already in your muscles.

    If you really want to see the weight shift, try exercising moderately for an hour 3 or 4 times a week- that should help. Unfortunately it's about putting the hours in to see results!

    I do a lot of endurance cycling and I know from personal experience that riding less than 20 minutes won't burn any fat. If you don't have much time, I know interval training will really improve your strength but not your aerobic performance (intervals will help greatly with your anaerobic performance).

    I would advise running at least 40 minutes a day. If you can't handle that, get on a bike and find a nice scenic route- I can ride much much longer than I could run simply because it's more interesting. That could just be me though.

    EDIT- Oh yeah, diet is important too. When I'm really training (such as now) I would typically have the following:

    Breakfast - Porridge - Don't ignore it! Stacks of energy and you can make it tasty with a bit of jam or something.

    Lunch - Steamed Salmon (2 fillets) and plenty of new potatoes. No butter...

    Dinner - Pasta of some description but be careful- load too many carbs and if you aren't running enough your body will just horde them as fat.

    Mix this up- have eggs for breakfast (poached, of course) one day etc etc

    Also, make sure you actually get some fat in your diet, it's very important.

    Nuts such as hazelnuts are good for snacking as they are high in protein, but don't go mad with these as they contain lots of fat (albeit good fat, but still)
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