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    This is to certify that the following nations have become signatories to the Treaty Regarding the Use of Outer Space and other Celestial Bodies. To sign just post your nation's name and it will be added. A copy of the final treaty can be found below:

    Treaty regarding The Use of Outer Space and Other Celestial Bodies submitted by The Republic of Turkey

    Understanding the common interest in nations concerning outer space and its exploration.

    Believing that the exploration and use of outer space should be restricted to peaceful acts for the betterment of mankind as a whole.

    Urging states to understand that the ‘weaponization’ of space can only lead to unnecessary tensions and dangers.

    Convinced that this treaty will further the Purposes and Principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

    Having agreed on the following:
    Article I

    The exploration and use of Outer Space, including all celestial bodies, shall be carried out in order to achieve the interests of all mankind. Outer Space and all celestial bodies shall be free for all nations to explore without discrimination, on a basis of equality and in accordance with international law.

    Article II

    All parties to the treaty shall not place any weapons, whether they be weapons of mass destruction or not, in orbit or on the moon or on other celestial bodies.

    The Moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all states Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful functions. All nations party to the treaty will not establish military bases, installations or fortifications or any testing of weapons on the moon or any other celestial body.

    However, the use of military personnel or any other apparatus required for scientific research or any other peaceful purposes shall not be prohibited. The protection of mankind from extraterrestrial beings, however, is a reason why the militarization of space ma be necessary. This militarization will be carried out by the UN following an order by the Secretary General.

    Article III

    States Parties to the treaty shall regard astronauts as emissaries of mankind in outer space and shall render to them all possible assistance in the event of accident, distress or emergency landing on the territory of another state party. Their presence will also be welcomed, in this case, and not nations will act with hostility upon them. The nations of these astronauts, as well as the Secretary General of the United Nations, will be alerted on their location and condition if such an event occurs.

    Article IV

    1) This treaty shall be open to all states for signature.
    2) This treaty shall be open to all signatories for ratification and will be in effect once ratification occurs.
    3) Any State party to the Treaty may propose amendments to the treaty.
    4) Any State party to the Treaty may withdraw but must give six months' notice.

    Nations who have signed the treaty (none so far except for me) are coloured in Green:

    China -- (24 Oct. 1945) DayneD89
    France-- (24 Oct. 1945) student2806
    Russian Federation -- (24 Oct. 1945) lodzinski
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland-- (24 Oct. 1945) Noémie
    United States of America -- (24 Oct. 1945) Captain Biggles
    Andorra -- (28 July 1993) tom//
    Argentina -- (24 Oct. 1945) Aeolus
    Austria-- (14 Dec. 1955) Radgebanter
    Bahamas -- (18 Sep. 1973) MetalheadA7X
    Belgium -- (27 Dec. 1945) PeterMcPete
    Bolivia -- (14 Nov. 1945) Craghyrax
    Brazil -- (24 Oct. 1945) gyyy2807
    Bulgaria -- (14 Dec. 1955) Disco_Infern0
    Canada -- (9 Nov. 1945) Jace Falco
    Chile -- (24 Oct. 1945) Dorito
    Cuba -- (24 Oct. 1945) Apollo
    Cyprus -- (20 Sep. 1960) Birchington
    Democratic People's Republic of Korea -- (17 Sep. 1991) DayneD89
    Democratic Republic of the Congo -- (20 Sep. 1960) amiparanoid
    Egypt -- (24 Oct. 1945) Toiletpaper8
    Estonia -- (17 Sep. 1991) Eru Iluvatar
    Georgia -- (31 July 1992) Darkness and Mist
    Germany -- (18 Sep. 1973) LawBore
    Greece -- (25 Oct. 1945) ~Christiana
    Guyana -- (20 Sep. 1966) natty_d
    India -- (30 Oct. 1945) geetar
    Iran (Islamic Republic of) -- (24 Oct. 1945) Azzer
    Iraq -- (21 Dec. 1945) hebe001
    Ireland -- (14 Dec. 1955) gozatron
    Israel -- (11 May 1949) Noémie
    Jamaica -- (18 Sep. 1962) blaugrana
    Japan -- (18 Dec. 1956) halbeth
    Kazakhstan -- (2 Mar. 1992) Delta Usafa
    Kenya -- (16 Dec. 1963) bomberli
    Kiribati -- (14 Sept. 1999) A Stranger In Moscow
    Lebanon -- (24 Oct. 1945) Zaini_attack
    Malta -- (1 Dec. 1964) AFCWimbledon
    Mauritius -- (24 Apr. 1968) thunder_chunky
    Mexico -- (7 Nov. 1945) Joseph90
    Netherlands -- (10 Dec. 1945) veggie4life
    New Zealand -- (24 Oct. 1945) tucker672
    Nigeria -- (7 Oct. 1960) jakemittle
    Norway -- (27 Nov. 1945) eliotkid
    Panama -- (13 Nov. 1945) KirstyK
    Portugal -- (14 Dec. 1955) abc246
    Republic of Korea -- (17 Sep. 1991) Quizster
    Saudi Arabia -- (24 Oct. 1945) mattbroon
    Spain -- (14 Dec. 1955) Absurd
    Sweden -- (19 Nov. 1946) iwilson03
    Switzerland -- (10 Sep. 2002) Captain Biggles
    Syrian Arab Republic -- (24 Oct. 1945) bigmo7
    Tajikistan -- (2 Mar. 1992) Nightowl
    Tanzania -- (14 Dec. 1961) Shivan_cfc
    Tonga -- (14 Sep. 1999) Nefarious
    Turkey -- (24 Oct. 1945) taigan
    United Arab Emirates -- (9 Dec. 1971) Lafin23
    Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) -- (15 Nov. 1945) Student2806
    Zimbabwe -- (25 Aug. 1980 Adalia

    I sign...
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    Thank you delegate of Malta.

    I'm going to close this thread temporarily. Great thread but out of step.

    In RL, the first step is signing an intent to ratify and then ratifying.

    However here in the MUN, I think it'd be easier to have a vote to represent the intent to sign and then signing this thread in order to ratify it.
    Protocol could be - Vote. If it passes, set up a Ratification Thread. If it fails, rewrite or fail. Those who vote and Ratify are bound by it.
    Agreement? Any issues, PM me.
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