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Scared of eating and depressed. watch


    (Original post by Melting Sugar.)
    I would say eating out with some friends must be the worst thing to do as one of the first steps :|
    One, not the first step, but after inital methods have failed. Two, much harder to calorie count if you eat out.

    i totally know how u feel. was there myself one and a half years ago.
    it just sucks, it really does. i saw a therapist for some time when my parents found out, yet, never had the feeling it actually helps.
    well, the one da i just started looking at unis. it was the week we just got back our results from mock exams, and i did do quite good. it as jut then when i reaize i actually can get into a goodu uni, go to london nd make everything want too, yet at the same time i knew, that if i'd keep up not eating, i wouldnt be able do it (also because my parents considered sending me to a clinic as i just continued loosing weight and was depressed all the time and at a point where i wouldnt even want to get up in the morning to go to school,ad where i would spent all weekends in bed (apart from time my parents were out, then i'd go jogging as thy didnt allow me too)) ...
    then, after loking at unis i just woke up kinda. it was the weirdest thing ever. i alays kenew how much it ruins m body and eveything, yet in that moment it just was so clear to me how insane ad self destructive my behviour is.
    so, went out, my parents just had dinner, got a piece of bread with cheese (guess u know what big step that is^^) and mt up with friends. of course, it wasnt easy just starting eating again, not weighing myelf etc but it was so reliefing. i was so much happier, did more with my friends, and actually started to be health. of course i put on weight but i didnt quite care as my new life was just so much better. (and i wsnt tired all the time andlooked lika walking dead, whch was nie too^^)

    i knew u can do it too!!! u seem to want to get out of this crap, and you can!!! go to another gp, make sport, nd just try ur best, its really worth it!!
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