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    Sure, but this happened to me years before i started regularly abusing the Internet.

    (Original post by Transatlanticdrawl_)
    It's not necessarily what one is seeing though. I'm not like "eww blood", I can see someone fictionally getting their head cut off in a film, no problem. I can see blood and guts in real life at the vets. But it's a different story with "gore films". It's not the blood and the guts that's gonna turn my stomach, it's the fact that it's a video of another human being getting restrained and having their head cut off. Or whatever.

    There's a difference, and it's so so sick.
    I'd say the difference lies in the gratuitous, exploitative and essentially voyeuristic nature of a great deal of modern 'gore'. While certain types of violence can usually be relied-upon to elicit a visceral response, on a conscious level it's the underlying sentiment that disturbs me more than anything else: I'm relatively de-sensitised to static images, and somewhat inured to video footage (particularly when taken sufficiently out of context), but observing scenes of horrendous cruelty captured in total, vivid verisimilitude - replete with audio - is liable to have me reaching for the 'off' button.

    Yep. Beheadings don't bother me now. Even the horrid ones where it takes ages. It doesn't mean I enjoy it though.

    I think it's a mark of intelligence if you abandon your intial emotional response to feed your curiosity.

    I can deal with after the event fine, during the event (talking broken bones here) makes me feel queasy. For some reason I still find myself flicking Scarred on though, lol.

    As for torture videos, one man one screwdriver etc., the very premise makes me feel sick and the idea that people watch them and laugh makes me despair for the human race.
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    (Original post by Fand)
    I can honestly say I cannot bear it. Just reviews of the Saw movies drive me mental for hours. When I see someone in pain (though it depends on the type of pain), whether real or staged, I cry, imagine myself in their shoes and want to help. This may be weak, but it's one of my personality traits I would not change.

    I'm not being righteous. It does not matter who is being hurt. Whether it is a 60-year old villain or a small child, I will feel the same way.
    This. Reading articles about serial killers makes me lose sleep.

    sort of, I think if stuff looks obviously fake and it's covered in that weird film blood then it doesn't bother me. Films like Saw or Hostel don't phase me.

    If something involves animals, or children, or looks realistic then I really can't take it. Someone posted a picture of "breast worms" on this site yesterday, and even though it was obviously fake, it still made get all squeamish.

    I'm still definitely shockable, but I've got used to most of the shocks in mainstream horror films now I've seen a good bunch of them.


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