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    i no it sounds tupid but i really want to work at mcdonalds!!! :eek3:
    how easy is the whole interview process anyone??


    no idea, but if you do get in for the first few shifts you get watched to see how you are getting on, a guy I know got fired as he couldn't understand his asian manager. Who knew working at McDonalds could be so hard

    Just be polite and use your common sense. It's not going to be the toughest job interview in the world, just don't act like a complete idiot.

    verrrry easy, basic interview questions and not very formal in any way after an 8 hour shift you wont want to work there anymore though

    First off, yes it sounds stupid you want to work at mcdonalds, having experienced it myself, but i do think youre sensible for wanting a job. Ok, the whole process is easy yes, but its random, in my experience anyway all they basically did was advertise for jobs allt he time, not really need anyone, and then a few weeks later ring you back. Anyway, you start by going to their website, and going to the careers tab, there is an online form to fill in, you cannot get a traditional pen and paper format. The questions are generally details about yourself, then your qualifications, previous experience, then there is two questions where you have 400 characters to answer, i think its something like, describe your good qualities or something anyway, basically sell yourself in 400 characters, then its a questionaire for example, a customer is unhappy with the service, do you a) call a manager, b) give them a refund c) give them extra food d) ignore them etc etc
    If the store you have applied to decides that they like you, then they will invite you to interview, i had a 1-1 interview with the store manager, with just general questions like, what are your good qualities, are you good at time keeping,good team player etc etc, then i was given some uniform and asked to hand out food at the drive through window, just to see how i reacted to the customers, just smile, greet them pleasantly, hand out the food and say thank you and goodbye. Some restaurants have group interviews, just to see how you get on with other people, i would assume the questions are the same. If you are successful then the restaurant will contact you and you go for orientation, and have to go through the training programme, but generally, unless you are completely useless, they will always hire you after the training period. So basically, yes its easy enough, but dont be upset if you are rejected, sometimes they advertise for jobs and dont need anyone, also be prepared to do very hard work and long hours and work with all members of the public, some of them have attitudes if you wear a mcdonalds badge, also keep your head down and if a manager shouts at you for no reason or gives you silly orders, just do as youre told, dont argue back however tempting it is, and finally just be confident Good luck

    They ask you questions about certain situations where you have helped people to solve a problem/prevented a potential hazard in the workplace.
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    (Original post by Ruthi-SH)
    finally just be confident Good luck
    Thank you sooooo much!!!!

    i desperately need the money, doubt very much it will be long term LOL

    good luck with uni!

    It's easy; like a piece of big mac.
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