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    A lot of people might regard me as boring and I can slightly accept that I'm a bit boring but I'm just really annoyed at the level of immaturity of people that are my age.

    Next year I'll be going to college and I'm hoping things will be than they were in secondary school. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything wrong with talking about games or silly things but just not all the time! It would just be nice to find some people who you could have a proper conversation with (for example things going on in the world) and have debates about whatever.

    I'm 16 and it seems as though I have to conform to misbehaving and getting drunk every night but that's just not me. I realise I'm making myself seem no fun but I do like going out with friends to parties and stuff just not really big ones or ones that I don't know anyone there - I'm more at home with a few close friends, just hanging out.

    So, can you only find more mature people like this at uni or is it possible at college/sixth form? I'm going to a grammar school and I don't want to generalise but I am hoping that more mature people would go there as it wasn't an easy process to get into the school. I've read books and many talk about back in the days when they were at university when they had many friends to talk to about all these different things and that's nice to know but I want to know if there are people (and not 1 or 2 out of a million) like that earlier on.

    You can find these people at college too
    going to college i found people change and seem to grow up abit.... there are of course exceptions

    maybe join some of the college's clubs/societys ? do things outside of college ? may get to know people with similar interests

    Cant answer the question about uni as im not there yetttt but it seems from what ive heard and experienced people change throughout the transition from school to college, and college to uni....

    Chin up

    There are some douchebags even at uni.

    you're young, you'll find your place in the world.

    By rough generalisation in my old school it was usually the ones that were too busy getting drunk on street corners that never made it as far as taking A levels.

    Currently in an IT System support diploma at my College and it seems people reverse and become more immature; I can't find anyone who has interests outside of computers, games and drinking. Coversations resolve around the 3 listed interests and usually end off with people ****ging each off and bragging in order to try and gain some man points (or so they think).

    Well, that or my friends from secondary school were very mature and sophisticated. :yes:
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