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Daily Mail Sinks to New Lows watch

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    (Original post by Ministerdonut)
    Totally agree with that article .And no where does Harriet Harman mention all the men that are assaulted by their wives and girlfriends. But according to her it doesn't happen.

    Would someone tell harriet harmans husband to have sex with her please as she is obviously very frustrated right now .... I never thought I'd say this but bring back Gordon Brown.

    Harman is the Torys secret weapon.I did hear she is related to Cameron.

    And the Daily Mail is no worse than the BBC for taking opnionated biased viewpoints. It's just the BBC is run by a bunch of marxist, dyke,Gay middleclass, Guardian reading white people. So it really depends what your views are. I gather some here subscribe to the lefty , pro europe, pro obama, feminazi BBC way of thinking so I'm not surprised many here hate the Daily Mail. The Daily Mail is one of if not the most popular newspaper in this country. And it's main readership is women. So put that in your pipes and smoke it.

    I'd just like to add that most boys are taught from a young age never ever to hit a girl. And it develops as we get older to treat women like princess's. You get a minority of men who think different and most men consider them scum. That is why Harmans views are so offensive. Anyone who attacks their partner ina relationship should be punished and I don't see why boys are singled out for special attention.
    Wow, you got a whole load of offensive right there.

    Any paper except for the Daily Mail managed to understand that the point was to teach about loving, non-violent relationships of any sort. It's only the Daily Mail that are running with the 'this woman hates men' thing. It's not a feminist agenda, it's only that ridiculous newspaper that managed to twist things to get its readership all worked up over nothing; something it actually manages to do well. I like to believe that the Daily Mail journalists know they're writing silly things and don't support what they put out but absolutely love laughing at the comments folks make.

    The Guardian had this to say about the similar pack that was offered to some schools a few years back. The new system is supposedly just like this:

    The subsequent schools pack includes activities on dealing with conflict, building friendships, supporting someone who is being treated badly, and how boys and girls should treat one another. The idea is to build strong relationships and so a healthy society.
    Research shows that domestic violence takes place for a complex range of reasons. Involving young people who have not necessarily experienced domestic violence as well as those who have lived with it is therefore necessary for any prevention project, and schools include children and young people with many different experiences.
    Another reason school is a good place for preventive work is that this is the social institution legally obliged to promote pupils' "moral, spiritual and social development" (Education Reform Act).
    If you honestly think that the Daily Mail had found a hidden angle in this incredibly non-harmful new pack that no other newspaper has noticed then you are seriously more of a moron than you just made yourself out to be.
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