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ACA - First Time Passes/Failing - Big 4 watch

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    Need some advice. I am currently doing my ACA qualification. I just passed my professional stage in July 2009. Problem is that I failed one exam before (an e-assessment ).

    I have passed all the other exams first time. Does this mean I am pretty screwed when I qualify as I dont have first time passes. The reason I ask is that I want to move to a Big 4 when I qualify and dont know if my chances are ruined!

    Any advice would be helpfull


    I doubt it, people at Big4 fail exams (narrowly) and they still keep them if they pull their socks up.

    No they prefer first time passes but if you can show other skills they will overlook it

    dude, did you do a degree at uni, because im starting uni, this summer, and i if i get at least a 2:1, id be exempt from some of the CIMA exams

    i doubt they will even ask, dont worry about it.

    its not about your qualifications its about your experience in fact you dont even need to be a chartered accountant, you can simply be qualifided by experience

    somehow i doubt, a big 4 in the UK taking on people through the Experienced Hire route - who are qualified by expreience.

    Needing qualification - it depends what you're applying to do, e.g. I know a manager with an economics degree and related experience doing a commercial/analysis type role, several people in tax have HMRC training and experience instead, people in restructuring might not have any qualification (the insolvency ones can take years and years to be able to get), law type roles might come from law backgrounds. To be a qualified auditor though you need to be an approved person i.e. in a professional body.

    But, I doubt any Big 4 are taking on any experienced hire regardless at the moment any way! But they will be needing to replace all their redundancies when things do pick up so hold tight.

    Exemptions from first year CIMA exams - great if you are confident that the stuff you know already will fully prepare you for the harder second, third, etc level exams (e.g. was it just a first year law course you scraped through and now can't remember? Did you do T-accounts when the exam board requires laying them out differently?) I don't know much about CIMA in particular, being a management accountancy qualification you would do that in Industry not in Practice/Big4. My firm make you take the course and the mock exams and if you fail these you sit the real exam anyway, to check your exemption really has prepared you, as exempt people were faring worse at later exams.

    Loads of people at Big4 fail exams and resit. Perhaps it would matter if you'd failed every single paper 3 times before passing. If you were in the office and had someone organised, bright and motivated to work with, would you overlook them just cos they resat an exam?! Would you even know or care? You need to have skills, experience and the right personality for the organisation.
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