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    (Original post by EskimoJo)
    That sounds horrible. :no:
    Do you watch cricket? I hear it there sometimes in a non-derogatory way.
    I'm a football guy, don't watch cricket. If I heard someone say it, even in a non-derogatory way, I'd still just cringe and act as though I didn't hear it. But as you might be aware if you follow football, Mourinho doesn't believe 'racist' chants are necessarily racist, but instead 'ignorant'. In football this is often true:


    Black people that say the n word are idiots. They are basically handing ammunition to people that like to claim whites are persecuted. It's a similar argument to men saying, "women want equality but they also want me to help them with their bags, how unfair, men are persecuted".

    On the use of of the "N word":

    For Black people who use it, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD-UpHlB9no and think twice about the history behind the word.

    For white people that use/ want to use it: Are. You. Serious? It's bad enough when black people use it, but do you not even realise the centuries of oppression and hatred that word stands for and that are brought to mind. I'm am in no way saying that you should feel guilty for crimes that are not yours, but think for a second before you open your mouth. Just think about it.

    Also the idea that slavery isn't relevant today... =/

    No black people aren't slaves today and yes it is tiring to here it used as an excuse by some, but to gloss over the fact that it has had a continuing negative effect on the black community and society today even centuries after it's abolition.

    Until the 1960's in America black people were still treated as second class citizens, 1994 in South Africa.

    Moreover, even after the rhetoric of politicians becomes legislation social prejudices still live on in the minds of people and institutionalised racism still lives on in a lot of sectors of society, even with in the black community itself.

    So, yes slavery in the terms of it's effects is still relevant today.

    Now enough about black people. East Asians, I notice have to put up with a fair amount of b.s and no one ever seems to do anything about it. I know that when I was in secondary school no one would dare call me the N word, for fear of punishment by the school [ and a beatdown from me] HOWEVER, my friend who is chinese put up with being called "c***ky winky" for a good while. I didn't know it was going on until someone said it to her in front of me. I encouraged her to make a formal complaint to the school, she did. Nothing happened. None of the students involved were punished, in the end I had to deal with it myself. What annoyed me the most is that, if the same thing had happened to me, and I cried racism, the school would have messed itself.

    (Original post by G8D)
    I never said I wanted to use it.
    I just find it odd that one group of people can say it and others can't.
    My point still stands, the use of the word as a term of endearment only really exists within one select subculture of black people, more so in America than anywhere else.

    You'd have a point and a right to be upset or bothered about it if everyone from the average black guy on the street to the president of the united states made it a point to use the word every second of every day, but its not the case. I only ever hear it in stuff like The Wire, and rap songs...two things that are fairly far removed from any reality that you or I know.

    Most normal people, black or white understand that its an abhorrent word and don't use it.

    I hate when people like you try to maintain that all people belonging to an ethnic minority think that racism is a one way street that only applies to them and other people when it just isn't true, most good, intelligent people are appalled by it on any level, applied to anyone.

    Just treat people how you want to be treated yourself and ignore people who are ignorant...

    (Original post by AP123)
    You want to use a derogatory term because we're all equal?
    I dont see why someone else can use one, but i based on the colour of my skin or where i come from cant.

    (Original post by paella)
    It's said ironicly. Also, if one black guy says it to another it brings them together (recognising tha tthey are both the same colour), if you say ****** and you're white you are placing each other apart.

    Why would you want to anyway, it just seems a bit silly tbh. When white people say ******, it's always been in a racist context.

    it's just a social thing, it's like you saying it's sexist that one can't generally talk to a girl about her period in a casual way, but it's acceptable for another girl to talk to her about it.
    Black people calling each other that gives it a level of legitimacy, so it shouldn't come as a shock - or even an offence - if a white person (especially a child) sees this and thinks of it as right. It's like how bars and clubs get annoyed when there are drunks, despite their flamboyant advertisement of special deals.

    Edit: It's ridiculous anyway that a word can cause such an offence on the grounds of historical connotations. It's just language at the end of the day.
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