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In need of clothes and styling for uni! - Women watch

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    I have never been one for fashion myself but I love what university students where. Although myself I just wear jeans and a t-shirt and a hoody with converse.

    I am in need of serious help for this year. So would like people to recommend outfits(preferable with pictures) and places to buy them. I am on a very cheap budget until my wage comes in and personally think new look clothes suit me best. So any recommendations for high street stores (esp. new look) would be helpful. I am a size 14 sometimes 16.

    The kind of things I am looking at are
    -daytime clothes uni.
    - Nighttime clothes (clubing)
    - Ways to make fancy dress out of clothes you have
    - How to match up what you wear e.g. tops/skirts/leggings/shoes

    and also if you wear doing a list for the basics for uni (outfit/accessories/shoes etc wise)
    What would be on it?

    Many Thanks

    I would say the novelty of putting together outfits for lectures wears off pretty quickly. So make sure you at least have a collection of clothes that you can just throw on with each other and that don't need to be co-ordinated, as well as more interesting things.

    This probably isn't very helpful but something to bear in mind.

    i'd say what you said you already wear would do just fine... you are only going to lectures, in theory people shouldn't be bothered what you wear but how you are. but if you do want to get new clothes etc then just look at what other people wear and try adjust it to suit you. I know this probably isnt very helpful lol.

    Oh and don't worry too much about getting a whole new wardrobe now, leave some shopping for once you've actually been at uni for a while so you have a better idea of what kind of things you really need.

    - http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=988280 - I think these jersey dresses look great with tights, or jeans, you could also dress it up for the evening, if you really wanted to.
    - http://www.newlook.co.uk/1646196/164...ctDetails.aspx Got to have a cardi. cheaper version: http://direct.asda.com/george/women-...efault,pd.html
    - A pair of comfy flats: http://www.newlook.co.uk/1729120/172...ctDetails.aspx
    - Basic tees with nice prints: http://www.peacocks.co.uk/Womenswear...-46103016.html http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product...o-t-shirt/4598
    - A shirt: http://www.matalan.co.uk/fcp/product...e--shirt-/3955

    Matching up what you wear is pretty easy. All you have to do is start with the main thing you want to wear e.g. Dress, then ... if you wanted to dress it down, you could add leggings and flats underneath, and if you wanted to dress it up, you could wear it with tights, heels and a statement necklace. Or if it was down the pub, dress, tights, flats and a jacket. I always think of it like: slouchy denims, leggings, jersey material, basic shirts dress stuff down, and sequins, capes/shrugs, big jewellery, shiny fabrics/silk things dress stuff up. Then sometimes I mix it up, like, wearing leggings/cardi/slouchy t-shirt but adding a string of pearls or a brooch. Wearing a lot of basics and then adding a splash of colour with shoes or a bag or necklace is quite effective too. Most of all: wear things that make you feel good/put a smile on your face.


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