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    I left school this year and had a roup of friends. Thing is there is 1 girl, who i made the effort with at school and thinking back i shouldnt have bothered as she made no effort with me, not even polite hello/goodbye etc. So..now we are in the middle of the holidays and in went out clubbing with some old friends who let school a few years ago and saw these school friends out. This girl said she wasnt going to this club as its too sweaty in that club and the others didnt even say anything to me. Anyway, i get a text from 1 other girl out to say sorry if she didnt say hello she was drunk.I text out abiut her going travelling (she has gone now) and i didnt get a reply. Then a few weeks later the day before she went travelling i got a text about going to the other (awkward friend) house as a leaving thing as her house is too small for 5 girls to be in. Anyway the awkward girl said hello as i went through the door and didnt even talk to me for the whoel night apart from as geneeral conversation. Another girl who i get on with very well did also acknoledge how awkward she was being towards me too so it was not just me. I left and said goodbye to the girl leaving for Australia and then a general bye to everyone. Well the thing is that night i went clubbing this guy i know very well said that the awkward girl said to me not to talk to her which she didnt say at all. Why the lies. Then i hear she been saying alsorts of other things also. Why hasnt she text me etc? Well he told her have you text her and she replied no? It takes two peopel to be honest and after school and other meetings ive given up. I also found out she is very paranoid what me and this guy relationship status is even when she know we will only be just good friends an maybe at uni more of we carry on seeing each other when we go to uni. Anyway, she said to a group of peope just go to my(anon person) house ask her for sex and she'll give it to you. She will love that. Well at that point i was very pssed off and tbh ended up laughing as its totally not me to do that at all. Othersi told just thought how disrespectful of her. Anyway, i have been invited to a party with a few other people going than just these friends and want to go but i have the problem that she has been bad mouthing my name i don't know how they will react to me. I havent seen them since i left school. One girls party ive not even been invited to so i dont knwo what to expect really. Should i go or not and what would you do/ say if anything to this girl whois being awkward.I ahvent even seen her over summer to do anything wrong for ehr to act like this and at school yes we didnt get on too well but i tried so hard. Any ideas what to do would be great! Thanks xx

    Not that it was too long, but it was a ******* effort to read. Learn how to use paragraphs, man.
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    Sorry, just ahd to get it all off my mind before i go insane about it!
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