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Have things like electronics got cheaper in the UK? watch

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    In regards to things primarily like clothes, electrical items, etc, people often refered to the UK as "rip-off Britain", etc, but is this so true anymore? In the past few years, prices in the UK seem to have come down to a level where countries traditionally considered good value, like America are about the same price, certainly no less. The only thing I can think of that is undoubtedly cheaper in most other countries in the world is fuel and public transport (as a result of high fuel costs), otherwise the UK isn't that badly priced.

    I recently got back from China (albeit Beijing, more expensive as it's the capital), and clothing brands that are made in China, but also sold in China (in offical shops, not markets), are much dearer in China than they are in the UK. It was crazy looking at something made in China, and realising you could buy it cheaper in the UK.

    I remember we needed a new SD card for the camera, and we thought that as it was China, and that they're made in China, they would be cheap, considering you can buy a 4GB SD card on Amazon for a fiver (including free delivery), we thought a 1GB would be dirt cheap.

    So we go into a number of shops, and the best offer we got for a 1GB SD card is 10 pounds, and that was after haggling too, the starting price was like 20. When I said to the people in the shop you could probably buy a 1GB in the UK easily for 5 pounds, they were astounded.

    So no, I don't think it is rip off Britain any longer, we actually get good prices for things now compared to the rest of the world, with the exception of fuel, and some grocercies, which are undoubtedly extortionately priced.
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