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How would I go about asking for help from my GP about depression? watch

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    I want to get myself sorted out but I don't really know what to do/say? If I get there and just say "I feel depressed" will he just push it off as being young? Last time I went there I said that and they sent me to a councilor who was **** and now I am skeptical of the whole process. I've been depressed for about 3 years now, and I have seen 2 councilors before but to no avail. Also I want anti-depressants* but I will sound like a junky if I suggest it to them, any body been in this situation?

    *My sister takes anti-depressants and I want to try them because of how happy she looks. She was depressed for a long time too, but managed to get some ADs and very quickly changed to a happier person and now has literally hundreds of new friends and a loving boyfriend.

    I was in a similar situation and didn't wanna sound funny when asking for anti depressants. I had trouble getting them at the time as I was underage but you shouldn't sound like a junkie. If you word it with something like, "I think AD's might help me in this way because I feel like this..." then that should get the point across. I don't think the doctor will push anything off until he/she has listened to how you feel and what's going on to make you feel like this.

    As strange as it may sound, write down all your feelings on some paper, when you are not feeling under pressure and such, so you make sure you remember everything, as when faced with the GP you may forget something.

    As said, the doctor will not judge you he will listen and make a decision with your input into how things will go forward.
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    Depends how old you are, but i walked in, said im depressed, got ADs. They are NOT the end all and be all of getting better, if they work, which is rare (you have to go through trying a few and baring the different side effects). If they work, they cna put you in a neutral state to be able to try and get better, but they're no miracle. To be honest i wish i could go back on mine but i cant because of situation, even though they gave me terrible terrible side effects.

    If you tell the doctor that you've tried counselling in the past and it didn't help, chances are they will let you try ADs.
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    I've been to my Dr a couple of times suffering from depression and anxiety and they've done nothing other than suggesting stuff I've already tried such as exercise etc. I recently injured myself and was in a lot of pain, after seeing the Dr for two seconds he gave me some mega strong painkillers to help the pain. I think it's annoying that they'll dish out painkillers like candy but won't let me try a course of anti depressants or anti anxiety pills to see if that helps.

    First things first, take a deep breathe.


    You may not want to hear this, but generally speaking if your depression is of the "mild" variety doctors tend to prefer talking therapies first. This is also the case regardless, if you are under 18. Few doctors will prescribe AD's to under-18s, unless they really, really have to.

    If counselling hasn't worked for you, have you consider Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Its different to your bog standard psychoanalytical type counselling as it doesn't focus so much on what happened in your past to make this feel this way. Its more tuned to why you feel this way now, and how your thoughts and behaviour affect your mood. It could be worth asking for if tyour doctor wanted to try talking therapies first.

    Now onto meds.

    If you are put on anti-depressents the common one most people are on first is fluoxetine (more commonly known as Prozac). The main reason why its often the first tried is that is has realitvly fewer side effects than older AD's and often gets a good response.

    Now here's i'm going to have to give you a very big word of warning:
    AD's may seem like the magical cure, you may look at your sister and think "wow these AD's are amazing". The fact is, they will most likely take up to 4 weeks at least to kick in. That's up to 4 weeks before you feel any changes. And they can make you feel WORSE. They can make you feel suicidal. And here are some more possible side effects:
    Dry mouth
    Urinary retention
    Blurred vision
    Sedation (can interfere with driving or operating machinery)
    Sleep disruption
    Weight gain
    Gastrointestinal disturbance/diarrhea
    Abdominal pain
    Inability to achieve an erection
    Inability to achieve an orgasm (men and women)
    Loss of libido
    Not sounding as great is it? That said They can work. Not to cure you. AD's don't do that. They also won't get you friends or a partner. The best way to think of them is like painkillers.

    Painkillers don't really make the pain go away, but they do "mask" it so that you can get on with life. Which is pretty similar to what AD's do.

    Generally if your doctor thinks they are the best treatment, they will often recommend talking therapies alongside as this combination has the best success rate in treating some depressions.

    EDIT: Anon3,i understand its frustrating but its a lot easier for Docs to dish out painkillers than AD's. You have to consider the fact you can't really "try out" anti-depressants. They take up to 4 weeks to kick in at best, so thats a month you're committed to, plus you have to withdraw from them under the guidance of a doctor, if you don't you seriously run the risk of relapse or other complications.
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