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    Wassup everybody, I'm Bruno- Okay that wasn't funny
    Yo everybody, the following scenarios have happened to me so I thought it would be interesting to see if these things happen to you.

    Scenario 1
    You are looking something which you have misplaced and you can't find it. ou look for a good 10 minutes and start getting vexed. You then ask everyone where it is and naturally they say no. Then, you start getting annoyed and then BAM you are shouting and moaning and rolling on the floor in your annoyance. Your mum then comes in and asks you if you have checked everywhere. She then says that you should have been more careful and in your mind you're thinking "not helping *****" (anyone who actually says that out loud, shame on you). You moan and moan again and then you finally forget about it. Then 3 hours later when you don't need it, you find it in the most obvious place.

    Scenario 2
    You are out shopping/going to the cinema/etc. when you see your teacher from school. Your teacher then proceeds to start talking to you. Cue the uncomfortableness and the monosyllabic talking followed by the brisk walk away and forget that even happened thought.

    Scenario 3
    You are at your local cornershop and you realise that you don't have enough money to pay for your goods once you are at the till. Then you start arguing with the shop keeper because you want to put some goods down but he/she is telling you to just pay him/her later. Cue the red face and the "wish the ground would swallow me" look.


    Yes to 1
    Yes to 3 (sort of )
    No to 3 (But when they say to pay them later - I always do!)

    yes - most the time however, i find that the thing i'm looking for is in my hand or in my pocket
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