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    I'm trying to decide which a-levels to do, like everyone else, and can't decide on the last subject.
    Is further maths an impressive subject to have if you want to get into a top university, or do they prefer variety?

    I'm going to take maths, geography, french and theology - are these strong subjects?

    And I'm thinking of either art (which i like but is far too time consuming), further maths (which i am probably capable of), or biology or chemistry.
    I've heard art is only useful if you want to do a degree in architecture. Also, chemistry seems to be a requirement for some courses.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    I don't actually know what I want to do at university, so i'm not aiming my subjects at a particular course, i'm just trying to do what I'm interested in - but also trying to avoid the "soft" subjects!

    Your choices sound absolutely fine, to be honest. Art is considered "soft", Cambridge includes it as one of the A levels not suited to study at their university. This is really useful - http://www.cam.ac.uk/admissions/unde...ectmatters.pdf - even if you have completely no intention of going to Oxbridge.

    Edit - Art is a fine choice for your fourth or fifth subject, few admissions tutors if any would mind if your fifth subject was non-academic.

    biology or chemistry i think...maths AND further maths dont offer enough variety...dont take art, its a 'soft' subject...theology is supposed to be soft as well...choose one easier subject to lessen the load..

    Hmm, see i don't see where maths fits in with those other 3 subjects. If you were to do Further Maths on top of that, then that would actually be a rather strong set of Subjects. Wouldn't have called any of them soft.

    You already have 4 A Levels chosen and this would be enough, as university offers are generally conditional on 3 grades.
    The subjects you have chosen are good, maths and geography show you are able to do science subjects and French and theology show other abilities.
    If you really want to study 5 subjects, look at the one's you're best at. If you're very good at maths, then consider further maths, chemistry and biology compliment each other, and are good to take together, unless you're interested in a subject like engineering (e.g. chemical engineering where you'd only need chemistry, not biology)
    As you're already taking 4, art would be very time consuming. If you were considering architecture, I think GCSE art would be enough, as long as you proved you had some artistic ability.
    Have a look at this thread, as it tells you some of the subjects that aren't respected by universities

    It's only worth taking five if you have a genuine interest in something. Five subject blocks a week plus extra work needed outside of lessons is a major investment in time and unless you're an academic drone it's a recipe for disaster unless you're motivated enough to not mind.

    Do what you enjoy - It'll pay off with better grades. I think your subjects look a good variety, which is also important! I'd say taking a language has its rewards and is highly respected by Uni's. Art is a really difficult subject and i wouldn't say its "soft" at all (its way too criticised if you ask me) and if you're good or particulalry enjoy it - then take it! I believe that all these rants on subjects can get really silly & go on forever and I personally think doing something you have a passion for is key and to be able to argue that is much easier! Your passion and attitude to your subjects is what will be important, writing your personal statement, and appying to University.
    All the best!!

    All the best making your choices!

    Don't immediately assume art isn't valid. I did art, philosophy, and latin for A level, and I'm going on to study International Relations and Global Issues at Nottingham. As long as you write in your personal statement that art has benefited you in some way vaguely relevant to what you want to study; eg. I wrote that it was refreshing for me to look at the expression of political ideas through art.
    Just saying, if you want to study art, don't necessarily be put off by the thought that universities might not like it.
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