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    Well my Uni applications have recently gone tits up in the most ridiculous of ways - essentially my grades were too good. Anyway I am thinking of going travelling with my girlfriend. We don't have a lot of money I will be around £1700, she around £1200 but its enough for flights and some money to keep us going until we get jobs. Unfortunately in order to gain working holiday visas it seems that countries want you to have a fair bit in the bank, for example New Zealand want £140 for every month of stay. I am wondering how flexible this is? And whether if on a 12 month visa you can tell them that you are only staying for 6 months and so you would only need 6X£140?

    Another option would be going to Europe what with the EU and all, might be easier. Problem is that my French sucks, bring on the Standard Grade 3! lol. But there are tourist jobs and also things such as dish washing etc where speaking the language would not be essential. Does this sound feasible? My girlfriends mum works for Thomson so may be able to sort something that way.

    We would be looking to leave in a couple of months at the latest I think, another question is how long does the bureaucracy of visas take?

    The money that you need in your posession for NZ/Australia visas are really just a formality - is there anyone you know who would lend you a decent amount of money which you could then transfer back once you're in the country? I did a Working Holiday in NZ in 07/08, and had my bank statement with me on entry but they didn't even look. I reckon as long as you've got a return flight back to the UK and a decent amount of money (like £1000) then you're very unlikely not to be let in. But if you want to be careful, try and find a nice family member or friend, just in case! (edit - and yeah, having said that, it would be rather frustrating for you to have the luck to get a not-so-nice immigration official who does just decide to check and then refuses you, so seriously, look into just borrowing the money for a few days)

    My visa took 48 hours to be approved. Other travellers I met told me that theirs took a week, tops.

    Yeah most of the time they don't even check, usually they just ask and unless you totally panic you should be fine!


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