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    hey,wondering if you guys had any suggestions.

    the first time i had sex,like my first time,it didn't really hurt at all and i thought it was good.

    then i had sex a second time a few days later and it really hurt.
    then i had sex a third time and it hurt just as much,and stopped hurting as much towards the end after there had been (graphic) a lot of juices created so to say.

    so my question is,does anyone know why it hurts so much?
    is it cos i'm not lubed up enough? does angle matter?
    does anyone have any tips,should i buy some lube?

    thanks for help in advance.
    i mean,it hurt so much i almost cried,hence the reason i'm concerned

    Remember people sex tips are not allowed on tsr.

    i think you just need time to get used to it, its gonna take a little whil for you to adapt to it i wouldn't worry, but it could be beneficial to get lube. it hurt for me the first few times, but it gets better gd luck!

    awww dont worry babes! things can only get better :P

    Attemps to phrase this not as a sex tip: try and get more in control so you can go at YOUR pace

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    thanks for help in advance.

    Likely to be because you're not aroused enough. I would recommend you use lubricant as well such as 'KY' because you've only recently lost your V and it will help you feel more comfortable. I think -

    Is it cos i'm not lubed up enough?:

    It might be. If you're worried about the pain before you have sex it will make your muscles tense up and could make it hurt more too. Relax and tell your bf you need more time to kiss/relax as well. It might hurt sometimes and not others depending on how turned on you are and the position you're doing/how fast.

    Does angle matter?:
    Certainly does for me and especially did when I was getting used to sex. Some angles make it more difficult to ''get in'' as it were and make it tighter. If your bf is particularly large down there then this could be a problem too as it might make it more painful for you. Ask yourself is he going too deep and when he does this is this what hurts? If so tell him this and do a position where you control how deep he goes like Cowgirl or just tell him to be more gentle with you/go slower. It's all about communication.

    Should i buy some lube?
    Yes, buy one called 'KY' as it's gentler and shouldn't irritate you, doctors recommend it.

    Most important thing is talk to your partner, do some research on the internet about it too and during sex tell him if you are sore and he should know how to make you feel better. It's likely you just need to relax more and take it slow, though. Hopefully what I said doesn't count as ''sex tips'' . :p:
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