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State of the nation - is this harsh or fair? watch

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    A comment from a Labour-supporting website:

    "Take a bird's eye view at the country. We produce less than half the food we eat,a small proportion the the manufactured goods we use,and are not blessed with huge mineral wealth. The majority of people of working age are now debt slaves or welfare junkies (and I would include all those people doing non-jobs at the behest of the government)
    We are in a downward spiral heading to third world status. How any decent patriotic person can associate themselves with the bunch of class warriors,champagne socialists,and marxist lawyers that have wrestled your once great party from its honorable roots it beyond my comprehension."
    - a comment on http://www.labourlist.org/green-shoo...n-b-alex-smith

    What do you think?


    if i met that person, i would say "YOUMAD?"

    No, no it's not.
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    I also thought that http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisf...mbling-society made for interesting reading. Certainly the plethora of betting shops that have appeared in recent years has been a huge feature in my home town.

    "It is a scandal that after 12 years of a Labour government there are more betting shops, lap-dancing clubs, gambling arcades and casinos than when they came to power. Harold Wilson once called the Labour party "a moral crusade" or nothing, but when it comes to licensing the public sphere the government has ditched morality for the market. Such abdication fits perfectly with Neiman's critique of leftwing politics; deeply afraid of notions of good and evil, dignity and nobility – and, instead, all too ready to exchange philosophical idealism for (supposed) realism about markets and choice."

    I still wonder how some of these are viable. I seldom see people going into the three that are down a half-mile stretch down my road.

    Assuming Labour does lose the next election, it will be interesting to see whether they mirror what the Tories did in 1997 - lurch away from the centre towards their core vote before moving back to wherever the centre has moved to.

    What?!? Someone complaining about societal decline?!? This has never happened before!

    Come off it, people love nothing more than to think that everything's going downhill, and they've been saying it throughout history. But what do we see?


    If things were that bad, we'd know about it. Market forces will make us change our ways if we truly have to.

    Note the article doesn't have much to say on what we should be doing, only that everything's gone wrong.
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