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La Esmerelda
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This is sometimes why Asian culture can be a bit over-the-top. There's more to life than studying. I'll repeat that in case you didn't read it. There's more to life than studying. I come from a high-achieving family (6 of us in my family and we already have 8 or 9 degrees-and two of us haven't even gone to University yet!) and first time round I got AAB and was soooo happy, but didn't get into my dream Uni. But thats life, I got into another university that I love and can imagine myself there much more than the other uni. Plus its less snobby/rich and it'll be easier for me to get a first. Everything happens for a reason and if you didn't get into Cambridge then its indicative of two things and two things only. (1) That you weren't a right fit for them and (2) That you're probably meant to be somewhere else.

And for goodness sake, get some new friends and party. And tell all your little geek buddies that they may have 32A's (not bra size lol, grades!) at least you're having a great time.

Don't take everything too seriously.


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