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    Very few of those people who might be dismissed as 'ugly' are actually grotesque aberrations of nature, and indeed it's far more likely that you're either an 'acquired taste' or simply failing to realise your potential. Heck, I'm conventionally 'ugly' – ginger, pale, slightly built – but have been chatted-up by some surprisingly attractive women, including my current girlfriend of one-and-a-half years.

    Dress well, be funny, be audacious, be mysterious, lose weight, gain weight, join a gym, change your hair, change your job, change your scenery: chances are you'll eventually stumble into someone who finds you desirable. And failing that, there's always OkCupid.

    You gotta live with the hand you're dealt with!

    Get over it and get an amazing personality to compensate !

    Some serious thread necrophillia here, this one's been dead for a year!

    (Original post by wootwootwoot)
    I don't like how I look, but I just don't think about it, remove all mirrors from your house and you'll be fine

    Out of sight, out of mind.
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    Well I made friends with someone who I found unattractive, but now I've fallen in love with him. Other boys who are all probably conventionally physically more attractive have asked me out on dates in the mean time but im really not interested in anyone but him. He dosent even like me in that way and I think he even finds me annoying now... NOW Im on tsr searching for unrequited... Basically my point is, that it's personality which is most important. As long as your appearance is acceptable theres no problem at all- by that i mean nice hair cut, good personal hygene, what other people have said.
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