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    So I searched the forums for this particular question, and unfortunately I read conflicting responses.
    Last two weeks, I've been splitting up my gym routine with two days of cardio (25 minute cycling & 35 minute running, I vary the levels of intensity etc) and three days of weight training (bench press, squat etc). Currently I'm just a shade above 5'8, and weigh 67kgs. Despite this being relatively "normal" I would say I'm slightly chubbier than what the weight would suggest, so the idea was to lose maybe 3kgs (of fat, hopefully :p: ) and gain 5kgs of muscle - hence the combination of cardio and weight.
    I was just wondering after doing the workout today, whether the cardio was counter-productive to the weights, or vice-a-versa?
    Searching up on tsr, I've read this response:

    In a situation where you've got access to a gym and time to go regularly, I'd say there's no reason not to do some weights. Maybe starting off with a couple of full body workouts a week would be a good idea to get used to things? Make sure you're doing proper exercises like squats, bench press, deadlifts, rows and military press rather than wasting your time doing a bunch of curls.

    I'd suggest varying your cardio a bit more aswell - if you're just doing lots of long cycles, I'd recommend putting in some shorter, higher intensity interval work aswell. I think the rowing machine would be ideal for this, but I'm biased.

    (Original post by carlitors)
    See, that's the problem right there. Let's say your programme has two goals: lose fat and build muscle. Both goals are possible at the same time. However to build maximum muscle you require a caloric surplus (to eat more than you burn so that there is energy to repair tissues) and to lose fat you need a caloric deficit (so to burn more calories than you eat).
    When losing fat it is impossible to build significant amounts of muscle, only to preserve or make marginal gains. When building muscle you will put on some fat, usually about a 30% of your weight gains will be fat and 70% muscle (this depends largely on your diet).
    So a programme with both goals will be very ineffective since it is virtually impossible to build large amounts of muscle when on a caloric deficit or to lose much fat while creating muscle.
    To me, the second response makes sense, but surely that doesn't mean that I should only do the cardio (and have a calorie deficit) until a desired fat loss, and then only do weights.
    Basically, just wanted a few responses from more educated people than I as to whether it is okay for me to continue with this, taking into account my goals.

    to much reading after first paragraph but 67kg cannot be chubby... i'm 5"9 and weigh 65kg and i'm very slim. You just need to weight train and fill up a bit probably

    Some people will speak of cardio and its catabolic effects and advise you to stay well clear if your building muscle. To answer this, from what I've read, as long as your not doing over 40-60mins of high intensity cardio then it will have little effect on muscle degradation.

    The whole reason for building muscle while on a cutting diet is to boost your metabolism i.e. the rate at which your body consumes energy. Carlitos is correct, you can't build significant muscle mass and lose weight at the same time. In saying that, I'm on a cutting diet and have also managed to build muscle (not huge gains but very noticeable ones).
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