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    I had a thread a few weeks back about moving out, and have since been putting a lot of thought into it. In the last week it was brought to my attention that a room was available in the chaplaincy, found out through my parents who are involved in the church. I myself was involved brought up in the church and only stopped going a few years ago, and as such I would consider it very cheeky of myself to say im a 'church person'.

    The sticking point with this house is that all the other tenants will be christians. While this is not a direct problem for me - i know many christians and they are fine - I am concerned for a few reasons, with the most prevalent being that I would stand out from the rest of them as I am not a regular church goer. I dont want to end up as the odd one out.

    Also, i believe the house atmosphere could go one of two ways. If these people behave in a typical fashion I think it would be good fun - in fact, Ive spoken with a girl who lives there and she said it was great craic. However it also worries me that the atmosphere could be overly christian like, which would make me feel slightly uncomfortable, as well as feel like a slight imposter in an environment I should never have put myself in.

    A chaplain type guy lives in the house next door, and Im concerned hes going to act like a leader type, which I would find quite intrusive, although I my fears were qualmed by the girl I spke to who said the room is yours to come and go as you please.

    As well as the normal expected rules, it is also my understanding that extra rules are in place. For instance, there are two shared meals during the week and you are supposed to make an effort to attend. Also, drunkeness (as in getting wasted and acting the **** once home) is not tolerated. Im not sure whether to take these as face value and say that they are basically going get to in my way - after all im paying for the room so why shuold i have total freedom? - or to consider them a help, in that I will have two meals cooked for me each week and will not have to put up with idiotic students throwing up all round them after a night out.

    All in all, I can see clear positives and negatives, but the biggest thing is definitely me being the odd one out. On the flip side, if it works out ill get to meet a lot of people this year. What would you do in this situation? Has anyone lived in a chaplaincy before - can you offer an insight as to what it is like? Any advice/thought/general mumblings are welcome.

    It could work out well, but it could be a disaster, you wont know till you're there, if it was me, I wouldn't take the risk.
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    Yea, I think i'm just gonna leave it.

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