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Depressed... again? watch

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    Hi, the thing is that I've been depressed for like 3 years and self harmed for ages, then I started to get better I guess. I "gave up" cutting myself and since then have only done it twice. I've never been to the doctor or anything about it even though I kinda wish that I had cos now I'm going to have to deal with all these ugly scars for the rest of my life. I don't know what to do though because from time to time it comes back for no reason, does this mean I'm still depressed? Like last night for instance nothing really happened except a couple of friends bailed on me and a few small things that lead me to feel so utterly down I spent the whole evening crying and the only thing I could think to do was to cut myself... I didn't though . Anyway, when I am normal, i.e. a bit depressed but ok I tend to over eat, when I'm happy (like I have been recently) I eat normally and when I am really depressed I don't have any appetite at all like I have today and today I've felt so low I don't know what to doo. What I'm trying to say is do you still think it's worth going to get anti-depressants or anything because even though I've been feeling better recently there are times like today that just come out of no where and hit me like a ton of bricks. Also, the reason I've never been is because I wouldn't know what to say... so you make an appointment and then what do you say? "Hi, I think I'm depressed, can I have some anti-depressants please". I just don't want to go down again, I was happy that my eating pattern was starting to become "normal". So... what to do?

    have you tried bio oil for the scars? Makes them fade.

    I'd see a doctor if I was you they will be far better able to advise whether or not you should take anti-depressants or counselling or anything like that. You don't say "hi I'm depressed can I have ADs", try just explaining what you've said here, that you felt very low for 3 years, self harmed etc and let the doctor make a diagnosis.

    Although, I thought depression was low mood for at least 2 weeks, in which case your symptoms wouldn't fit.

    Yeah, see a doctor.

    And well done for not cutting last night.

    Depression varies for many people, for some it can come in phases -sometimes you're ok, sometimes you feel terrible. If you go to the doc, just say you've been feeling down, not coping too well, etc. They will ask a few questions, but hey getting anti-depressants is too easy, doctors give them out to anyone nowadays...
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